Video Review: Chris Brown & Young Thug “Go Crazy”

Ice blue and tiger orange bits of electricity light the cracks within the sidewalk as two young women walk into a party. Inside the house, people sit with their eyes crossed out with animated thought bubbles over their heads. Chris Brown thinks of a bikini. The young woman next to him thinks of a glass of beer. Young Thug thinks of a reptile. Brown wakes up and shakes Thug’s knee.

Brown dances in the backyard. He looks at two young women’s butts, who have animated “pow!” over them. A group of young women, wearing bikinis, drink as they sit by the pool. Fireworks go off on the front lawn. Back inside the house, Brown walks in the family room and talks to other young women by the basketball court. Spirals appear in Thug’s eyes as he stands with a group of people. Neon pink lightning strikes in the sky. Some people join in the routine as Brown dances.

A young woman, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, dances by herself. Electric blue outlines her body as she moves. Two young men clap their hands together as they dance. Ice blue electricity runs through a young woman’s hair as she walks around the house. Thug sees the tiger orange electricity from the second young woman’s hair and follows her. Thug dances on the basketball court by himself.

Brown walks by a graffitied wall by the driveway. The two young women hold hands and look at Brown and Thug. They watch as the electricity creates an ice and fire portal. Their eyes bulge out.  The young women walk into their portals. Brown shrugs and Thug joins him as they walk into the portal. The screen reads: “To Be Continued.”

Rating: 2/5

Chris Brown shakes his hand and sees the burn on his finger. Checking around the floor, he doesn’t see any marks. It had to come from somewhere. Brown checks to see if his appliances are off. Electricity crackles and he sees it within the strands of the hair of two young women as they walk. Young Thug asks people if they have seen two young women together wearing a red and white bikinis. Some people say they have seen them. However, as he checks he realizes it’s them. He texts Brown that he hasn’t had any luck.

Brown texts for him to come by the driveway. He may have found them. His temples throb and he stumbles. Thug says he can’t move. The young women turn their backs and whisper for them to follow. Brown and Thug regain feeling in their limbs and walk with them.

The young women stare at their them while they open the two portals. Brown says he wants to find out where its lead. Thug says they not ever return and asks him about the house. Brown says it doesn’t care. The women are beautiful and they can’t be wrong. Thug says all right but he wants to text his mom. Brown tells him they aren’t going to wait forever. Thug puts his phone in his pocket and says he’s ready to go.

Director: Mat Fuller Year: 2020

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