Video Review: Meja “Pop & Television”

At night, Meja watches the rain fall as she looks out her window. She walks to her chair and turns on the television. On television, a second version of herself interviews two young men. She changes it to the news. On the news, another version of herself sits at a desk and talks about current events.

A third version herself sells a brand of her water during a commercial. A fourth version of herself competes on a quiz. She raises her hand as she’s declared the winner. Meja switches back and forth between the stations.  The tabloid show follows her as she responds to a photographer on the street. As a reporter, she drinks some water on television. Meja sleeps by her couch.

Rating: 2/5

Meja stares at her bookshelf. There were some movies and knick-knacks on the shelves. She brushes her hand on the shelf and creates an impression of her finger from the dust. A movie caught her eye and she reads the blurb on the back. It was something she had seen before.

In the kitchen, she opens a can of soda and turns on the radio. She dances in the kitchen as she opens a can of pasta. Crossing her arms, she waits for the microwaves to heat up the canned pasta. She takes it to the family room and turns on the television. There was nothing else to do.

As she watches the television, she sees a young woman advertising her own brand of water. She thought if she had her own brand, it would be candy flavored. Maybe more people would want to drink it. She flips the station and watches the news report. The young woman reporting the news was boring. Although she got to be in magazines and talk to famous people. She changes to her favorite quiz show. As the host asks the questions, she gets every one right. The young woman, on the show, won a new car. At the end, they notify people on how to audition. She writes it down. The next time they were in town, she was going to be there. She could win everything.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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