Video Review: Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez “Past Life”

Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez sing together on Instagram. Gomez’s screen starts to freeze. While the screen tilts, she holds up her phone. The camera spins and runs along her skin on her face. Her skin turns into a scaly field on top of a mountain. Several Daniels stand on the mountain, holding their phones. A lake appears in the middle of the mountain. Her ear forms creates another mountain. Cherry red trees grow on her neck. Her open eye functions as multi-colored pool.

The camera moves past Daniel’s head and into his hair. His hair functions as trees and become pieces of rock on the mountain. The bumps on his face return and the camera digs into his skin and becomes a snowy mountain. The camera goes into Gomez’s mouth. Her throat also turns into wintry mountains. The rose pink trees start at her lips, which leads to a waterfall. Her eyelashes become thin trees growing behind the mountain. As the camera spirals into her ear, it becomes a winding tunnel. It delves deep into her eye, which becomes a storm cloud. A tear falls from Gomez’s eye. They continue to perform on Instagram.

Rating: 3.5/5

Selena Gomez takes Trevor Daniel’s hand as they walk on their hike. He stays quiet as they stand on top of the mountain. She asks him if he’s thinking about his mom. He nods his head. She squeezes his hand and tells him she’ll pull through. He says he’s just hoping. She tells him she believes that she will.

It was as a courtesan back in the 18th century that she first Daniel. He was an uncertain Prince who had been taking care of his ill mother. He had requested her to sing to his mother. Her mother had touched her hand as she sang for her. Her mother had told her she was beautiful and to take care of her son. She promised she would.

Daniel had encountered her as a soldier during the second World War. He told her he wanted to live. She told him he had to fight with everything he had. He told he he had to still see his mother. As he lie in bed, she picked up the photo of his mother and put it in a frame for him. He thanked her for the frame as she checked his vitals. She said it was the least he could do. He says he talked to the doctor and he’ll be discharged tomorrow. She says his mom he’ll be so happy. He says it’ll be good to see her.

She had bumped him at the library last year. They had started talking and began dating. On of their first few dates, he said they were both old souls. She told she’s sure she met him somewhere else. He assures it was the first time he saw at the library. Over dinner with his parents, she and his mom smiled at one another. His mom told her things would be different this time around. She says she thinks so, too. Daniel had asked her about what it was about. She told him it was just something between them.

Directors:: Vania Heymann & Gal Muggia Year: 2020


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