Video Review: DJ Sammy, Loona & Mel “Boys of Summer”

In Valencia, Spain, DJ Sammy gets into his convertible and turns on the radio. As he drives, Loona sings on the beach. He stops his car and glances at the beach. A young woman, wearing a red halter bikini, splashes in the water as she and her friends walk in the ocean.

He sees a second young woman walking on the side of the road. She turns and grins. However, he continues to drive. The young woman plays soccer with her friends on the sand. A third young woman snaps a picture while standing by the road. He slows down and grins as she smiles at him. She and her friends play paddle ball. She and her girl friends sit on their blankets and tan. One of their male friends splashes water on her stomach. She chases him around the beach.

At night, Loona joins the young woman and her friends at party on the beach. They dance to the music. Back in the afternoon, the young woman pours a bucket of water over her male friend’s head. DJ Sammy weaves through the crowd at the party. He finds the young woman watching the ocean. He stands next to her and talks to her.

Rating: 3/5

DJ Sammy asks the young woman if she remembered him. The young woman says that she wouldn’t forget. They dated about 7 years ago. He says he wasn’t sure how he was going to find her. Then he remembered that she said the beach in Valencia was home to her. She says that it’s still true. He asks her how she’s been. She says she’s seeing someone. Crestfallen, he looks down and says he doesn’t have anyone right now.

The young man shakes his hand and asks his name again. He repeats his name. Her boyfriend was a good guy. He made her laugh and knew her really well. The young man invites him to stay with their friends for the night. They extra room. He says he’ll be fine. The young woman says he drove a long way and he needs his rest.

The young woman knocks on his door in the morning and say she wanted to talk to him before he left. He says “sure.” She says she thought about him often and had always wanted him to come back. She had been waiting. H says he understands. She takes his hands and tells him to please keep in touch. He says he will. She writes down her phone number and address, telling him he has place to stay in Spain whenever he visits. He tells her goodbye.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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