Video Review: Juice WRLD & Marshmello “Come & Go”

In black-and-white, Juice WRLD watches the crowd in the stadium, lit by the cellphones. He walks backstage with his assistant. He sits in an office and stares at the glass table. A young woman rests her head on his shoulder as they sit in the dressing room. He and the young woman walk down the hallway of the venue.

The young woman and Juice WRLD become animated into an ominous city, drawn in black with shades of violet on the buildings. They see a snake transform into a silhouette of a man with fiery eyes. Turning human, he aims lavender orbs at them while skeletons peek out of his cape. Juice WRLD slays the skeletons with his sword. The young woman burns a skeleton, killing it. She creates a flame with her hand. Juice WRLD catches it in his sword. As he continues to eliminate the skeleton, one sneaks up behind him and grabs him. The young woman puts her flame towards him but he puts it out. They fly off into the sky.

Juice WRLD sees them in the moon and leaps from building to building, killing the skeletons. The monster falls to the ground, landing in smoke. The young woman and Juice WRLD see themselves surrounded by skeletons on the street. The monster grows muscles and flexes. He blocks Juice WRLD as he hits him with his sword. The young woman throws some fire towards his sword. It throws the monster across the street. The monster becomes its original self and fires lavender orbs to them. The young woman guards Juice WRLD and aims her fire towards the monster. The monster breathes lavender fire. Juice WRLD flies within it and pierces the monster. The monster punches him and almost knocks him out. Juice WRLD leaps at him again, sticking his finger into its eye. It destroys the monster and the skeletons. The numbers on his wrist change from 666 to 999.

Rating: 5/5

The monster, as a human, vows to get his revenge. The young woman says he’s ailing. She mentions that the skeletons are disintegrating and he’s using up all his strength. Juice WRLD says her fire has worked better than his sword. She imbues his sword with fire. However, it’s not enough.

Juice WRLD turns to her ask her a question and he realizes she has been taken the monster. The young woman had saved him more than once. She knew every monster and its weakness. He couldn’t let anything happen to her. He heads to the moon and reaches for the monster’s head with his sword. However, the monster cackles and falls.

The young woman says they can still get him and musters the fire within her hands. She says she isn’t sure how much longer she can continue. He tells her to try as much as she can. She builds an invincible field, which Juice WRLD is able to penetrate. He gains ground but winds up causing a dent in the building. She curses under breath and urges herself to “come on!” She sees the monster’s eye blink and says for him to use his nail. He gouges out the monster’s eye, defeating it. The young woman sighs and says another one gone. Juice WRLD tells her they survived another day.

Director: Steve Cannon Year: 2020

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