Video Review: Joe “All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)”

A young man rides his bicycle by some apartments in Los Angeles, California at night. A couple run from rain.   A truck parks at the curb and Joe walks out.  The phone rings inside a restaurant. The young woman (Tracey Cherrelle Jones) answers it and talks with her boyfriend. Joe peeks through the blinds. She locks the door and puts on her coat. The phone rings again and she says “hello.”

While it continues to pour, Joe talks to her in the telephone booth. He shuts the door while she runs her hand along the counter. They hang up. She looks for him by the window. He walks away from the telephone booth and into the restaurant. She takes sugar container and pours it in a line on the counter. Her boyfriend calls her on his cell phone while she hugs Joe from behind.

He sits in a booth as she makes a pot of coffee. She brings him a cup of coffee and sits with him. They kiss against the wall by the counter. Her boyfriend speeds to the restaurant. He bangs on the locked door and sees the young woman and Joe kissing through the window. He walks back to his truck.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman stands behind the counter at the restaurant, pouring sugars into the container. She eyes the door and sees the lightning strike. A thirtysomething man remarks that it looks like it’s going to storm. She says she wasn’t sure if it was going to rain. A line of people stand at the register. She cashes them out as they race to their cars in the parking lot. The thirtysomething man says he’s going to head out. She tells him to have a nice night and cleans off the counter.

The rain blurs the people as they walk by the restaurant. She calls her boyfriend and tells him she might be a little late coming home. He says that it’s bad out there and asks her to bring home some dinner for them. She says she ate already. He tells her his order. She writes it down and gives it to the chef. He tells her to drive home safe. She says she’ll see him later. The phone rings. She introduces herself and says they are closing in about 15 minutes. Joe asks her if she needs some company. She says she’d appreciate it. The rain kept everyone away. He says he’s only a block away.

While he sits with her, she says she tried to drop a hint to her boyfriend. However, all he asked for was food. Joe says they can wait a while. The cook drops off her order and tells her goodnight. They both call out “goodnight!” She kisses him and says she wants to be with him. He asks her, “right here?” She says she doesn’t want to wait anymore. He tells her the phone is ringing. She tells him it’s just a customer and they can call back tomorrow. As they kiss, he asks her if she heard anything. She tells him it’s nothing. He says it might be her boyfriend. She shakes her head and says he doesn’t care. He tells her

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 1996

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