Video Review: Meghan Trainor “Make You Dance”

Lit in soft rose, Meghan Trainor moves her shoulder and smiles as she sings. Wearing a silver dress with puffy sleeves, she tilts and rotates with the disco ball behind her. Back in the soft rose light, she leans against a mirrored wall, wearing a white dress with puffy sleeves.

Rating: 2/5

Meghan Trainor dances behind the counter as she gets out the blender. Her husband fetches her some limes and tomato juice from the refrigerator. She puts the salt on her glass as her boyfriend turns on the blender and mixes the ingredients. She pours her margarita in a glass and tops it off with a lime. He makes his Bloody Mary.

While they dance together, she says she can’t wait to go out to the bar again. He says the drink is taking off his mind of all the depressing news. She says she hasn’t thought of any statistics or checked her symptoms at all. He shakes his butt and she calls him a goof. She says they need to play Drunk Uno and gets out the box out of the closet. He says he’s going to keep the bottle by him the entire time.

Trainor giggles as she deals the cards. He says that she’s giving him too many cards and that’s she already cheating. She pouts and puts her finger to her lips. He says he forgives her and kisses her. Their drinks spill on the carpet and she gasps. He says he’ll clean it up. She shrugs and says it’ll give them a chance to look at samples again. As he cleans it, he says the carpet will be fine. She says that lavender would look lovely in their family room. He raises his eyebrows, “lavender?” She says “why not?” and shouts “Uno!” He takes a three shots and says he’s done. She takes three shots herself and says she’ll find another board game. Her husband leans against the couch and falls asleep. She nudges him and says they are going to play Girl Talk. He snores. She puts a zit on her face and picks a fortune card. She announces to her husband that she’s choosing “marriage.” Reading the card out loud, it asks her to describe her true love. She snuggles by her husband, says it’s him and kisses him on the cheek. He jolts awake and shouts “UNO!”

Director: Reggie Year: 2020

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