Video Review: Lindsay Lohan “First”

People stand behind barriers in a warehouse. Lindsay Lohan and her band perform on stage as several young men walk to their cars. The young men put on their helmets and get into their cars. A large television over Lohan shows a clip of Herbie the Volkswagen Beetle, driving on the road in a clip from the 2005 film, Herbie: Fully Loaded. A young woman waves the flag and starts the race. The cars speed off.

In a clip, Herbie rocks back and forth on the track. Against a black background with a 53 ramp along the wall, Lohan dances by Herbie. He winks, using a headlight. He bumps her butt with the door and she puts her hands on her hips. In a clip, Maggie (Lohan) covers her head and bends down as Herbie leaps over her, saving her from a monster truck. Herbie goes after the monster truck. Herbie drives on the fence during a race.

Against the black background, Lohan sits on Herbie’s hood. In the warehouse, Herbie enters the race and spins on his fender. Herbie takes the lead and finishes the race in first place. The people behind the barricades shout and clap. A young man scoffs as he continues to drive. Maggie gets out of the car, takes off her helmet and shakes out her hair. The young man smiles once he sees it’s her.

Rating: 4/5

The young man shakes Maggie’s hand and tells her it was an honor to lose to her. Maggie pats Herbie’s hood and says her car treats her well. Herbie makes a noise with his engine. The young man opens the hood and it closes on his hands. Lohan explains that her car can get testy and opens the hood. The young man touches some parts and says everything seems okay. He offers to take a look at it. Herbie bumps into her legs. She says it’s no big deal.

Lohan sits next to Herbie in the garage and says to him she likes the young man. She tells Herbie that he’s special to her but she’d like to date guys her own age. Herbie lets off some steam. Lohan pats him on the hood and puts her head against the tire, saying she’ll always be her favorite car.

She accepts the trophy after the race and thanks her crew. The young man walks up to congratulate her. She gives him a hug. He asks her if she’d like to celebrate with him. She tells him she just has to talk to her crew. Walking into the garage, she squeals and exclaims that he asked her out. Herbie flashes his headlights. She spreads her arms on the hood and says his support means a lot to her. Herbie honks.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2005

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