Video Review: Pop Smoke, 50 Cent & Roddy Ricch “The Woo”

On a stack of televisions inside a bedroom, Pop Smoke performs in concert in each of them. In the center television, Smoke, lit in arctic blue, dances in a tour bus with some of his friends. At night, a young man turns around and checks out a young woman who walks past his table.

Roddy Ricch leans against the hood of a car while a second young woman sits next to him, wearing denim shorts and a golden yellow bikini. Ricch raps next to 50 Cent as they stand in a group of people in the backyard. Two young women lie on the bed and watch Smoke on television. 50 Cent lights a cigar as he leans against his car. A bottle of Branson Cognac sits in ice on a table by the pool. Several young women dance on the balconies of their apartment building.

Lit in magenta, Smoke dances on stage while he performs during his tour. The two young women in the bedroom touch one another. Back on the television, Smoke thanks the audience.

Rating: 1/5

50 Cent gives a speech about Pop Smoke in the middle of the street. He says Smoke was taken too soon and they should honor his memory by having fun. It was what he would’ve wanted. Roddy Ricch holds up the bottle of Branson liquor and says they all need to take a drink. He’s not around to take his first legal drink and they should do it for him. A young woman walks around, handing out shot glasses. 50 Cent urges people to raise their glasses and says “we miss you, buddy.” He takes his drink and the group of people follow.

Ricch drinks two more shots and exclaims, “whew!” The second young woman puts her hand on his shoulder. He kisses her and says Smoke should be here. The second young woman asked what he was like. Ricch shares a few stories with her. He tells her he has to stop and walks away. He takes two more shot glasses and drinks them. It was only thing helping him to get through the night.

In a bedroom, the two young women discuss Smoke and say they wish they would’ve gotten a chance to know him. One of the young woman puts her lips to the other woman’s shoulder. The other woman says they shouldn’t do this in Smoke’s relative home. The young woman says it doesn’t matter. They kiss. The other woman puts her hand on the young woman’s chest and says she hears someone. Someone knocks loud on the door and says they want to watch the videos, too. The young woman mouths “it’s 50 Cent,” 50 Cent opens the door and sees the young women fixing their bikini straps. They walk out, heads down as 50 Cent tells them to “show some respect.”

Director: Eif Rivera Year: 2020

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