Video Review: Anastacia “You’ll Never Be Alone”

Anastacia puts on her glasses as she stands against a black background.

She kisses her boyfriend on the porch as she leaves his house at night. Their dog runs to the driveway. He walks her to her car. She smiles she takes her keys back from him and they kiss again. The dog watches her drive away.

He gets the mail and lets the dog inside. She swerves as two wolves dart in the road. The dog lifts its head in the bedroom while she breaks through the fence and crashes into a tree. He turns over in bed. Her spirit checks on her and walks into the street. Her spirit tries to wave down some cars but they drive through her. The dog removes the blanket from her boyfriend as he sleeps while her spirit pounds on the front door. The dog follows her spirit to the tree. Her boyfriend carries her to the ambulance.

Rating: 5/5

Anastacia kisses her boyfriend as he drops her off at work. He tells her to have a good day. Anastacia opens the door to the office and feels a bit dizzy. Her doctor warned her it may happen. She hangs onto the refrigerator door and gets her bearings. Maybe it was too soon to be back at work. But she wanted to feel normal for at least a day.

Her boss tells her it’s good to see her again. She asks about if there’s anything new that’s changed while she was gone. He says they’ll have a meeting later and just to get herself situated. She turns on the computer and types in her password. It was the wrong one. She changes it. She opens the program and types in the report. However, she realizes something isn’t right about it and deletes it. During lunch, she thanks the co-workers for the flowers. One of her co-workers says she’s walking a lot better. Anastacia explains the exercises she had to do in physical therapy. Back at her desk, she remembers the steps and smiles. She remembered it after all.

Her boyfriend picks her up and asks her about her first day back at work. She says it was tough and mentions she was just having a tough time. Things were taking awhile to come back for her. He says they’ll keep an eye on it. She says she thinks of the wolves. They just came out nowhere. He says she did what she could. She says she should’ve stayed over at his house like they planned. He tells her it’ll get better and he will help her with her recovery. He doesn’t expect her to be at 100 percent for awhile. She says she wants to be like she was before. She’s so tired all the time. He says they’ll look into other therapies. As she walks into the door, the dog leaps into her arms. She gives the dog a kiss and it follows her to the bedroom. She gets the blanket and the dog curls up next to her. The dog licks her face and she says she knew he’d save it and that it could’ve been much worse. The dog rests his head on her chest and she strokes the top of its head.

Director: Mike Lipscombe Year: 2002

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