Video Review: The Weeknd “Snowchild”

The Weeknd lies on the ground at night, his arms splayed at his sides, while he looks at the night sky. Smoke lingers around him. As he walks to towards the city, the smoke engulfs him. In black-and-white, he leaves a house of balloons. Flurries land on the sidewalk as he walks in the city. In an another apartment, a second young man holds a balloon and watches him walk with a group of young men underneath a tunnel.

Continuing in black-and-white, a bus, with a “Welcome To Toronto” ad on its side, stops. The screen tilts as he walks. Neon colors light up the city. A young woman gestures for him to join her as she stands out the Red Light District. He drinks some liquor and looks at himself in the mirror. A second young woman puts her arms around him as they sit on the bed and suffocates him with her hand.

The elevator’s digital counter glitches as he waits,  its hand malfunctioning. Headless people disintegrat as they stand by the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California. A fortysomething man preys upon The Weeknd as he walks. He enters a mansion and moves the curtain. Several rabid dogs growl at him. A second young woman transforms into a panther. He sways from the red glow of the third young woman’s eye. Neon crosses light up the wall and he touches it. The young women change and he empowers himself with the magenta crosses. He defeats them.

While walking on a rooftop, he warms his hands over a fire in the chimney. Bats chase him and he crashes to the ground. He walks past some mountains and smiles once he sees the skyline again. The smoke turns off the lights. He walks towards the Snowchild theatre. The current version of himself lights up a cigarette and cackles.

Rating: 5/5

The Weeknd takes a swig of whiskey from his flask. He offers it to his younger self. His younger self says he’s been sober for months. The Weekend tilts his head and whispers there are men after him in Las Vegas. His younger self says brandishes a knife and says they can handle it. The Weeknd bumps his shoulder and says that’s more like it.

The Weeknd walks into the casino and gestures to the showgirl. The showgirl says she missed him last night. The Weeknd said he was otherwise occupied. She tells him he’s not going to live long if he’s going to continue on his path. The younger version of himself comments he prefers Las Vegas over Los Angeles. The showgirl kisses him on the cheek and says he’s cute. The Weekend retorts that “he’s me.” The showgirl says she’ll save him tickets for the show.

His younger self clears his throat and says he’d consider a relationship with the showgirl. The Weeknd says it’s the mob who protects her. She’s a valuable asset to the casino. Men have disappeared because they have looked at her the wrong way. His younger self says he’d like to explore the wedding chapels and have a wild finale. The Weeknd pats his shoulder and tells him there’s still enough time for that yet. There’s a new show every day.

Director: Arthell Isom Year: 2020

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