Video Review: Saweetie “Tap In”

Saweetie picks up a glittering basketball on a court and tosses it while spotlights shine on her. She licks as four young women dance behind her. They start their game. Saweetie shakes her butt as she holds the basketball on the floor.

Lit in royal blue, Saweetie sits in a garage full of cars with laser lights etched out for parking spaces. Wearing platform heels and a winter coat, she fishes miniature men out of a kid’s pool. Back in the garage, an alligator crawls by her as she dances. She holds a specter. A point is scored on the basketball court. She and the young woman perform a dance routine on the court. She sits on an unfinished structure and hangs from it. Around a young man’s neck, he wears a silver pendant, in which an animated silver silhouette version of herself shakes her butt. On the basketball court, she crawls on the floor and grabs the basketball.

Rating: 3/5

Saweetie dribbles the basketball and scores the three-pointer. Her friend calls the game for Saweetie’s team. Saweetie spins the basketball on her finger and hands it back to the referee. In the locker room, she grabs her high-end shampoo and enters the private shower. She puts her make up on in the mirror, her mink around her shoulders. Her friend says she’s a force on the court. Saweetie says she’s been playing since she was a kid. Her friend says next week there is going to be a rematch. Saweetie tells her friend that her team will win again.

She walks into the garage and ignores the attendant eyeing her. He was one of the many men she’d had to turn down. He asks her if she needs any help getting to her car. She says she’s fine and tells him good night. Pulling out her spot, she dials her chef and asks him to prepare a meal for her.

Saweetie does the splits on the floor of her recreation room. She turns it into a headstand and balances herself. As she climbs the jungle gym, she glances at the mat every so often. She hangs from it, laughing. It was freeing. Her cell phone rings and she lets the call go.

Director: Mike Ho Year: 2020

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