Video Review: Warrant “Cherry Pie”

Against a sky blue background, Jani spins around. Jani, Joey, Erik, Jerry and Steven perform on cherry red circles on the floor. A young woman (Bobbie Brown), wearing a red crop and denim shorts, dances. Wearing a striped top and white skirt, she roller skates, carrying a cherry pie. She trips over the wire from the amplifier and drops the pie.

Jani grins as the pie flies past his face and she grins once it lands in her lap. She sits on a couch, wearing a baseball uniform and holding a bat. Steven hits cherry pies with his drumsticks as he plays. Wearing a black crop top and pants, she kicks her legs as she sits on a red-lip shaped couch. She sits on top of the kiss-shaped couch with a remake of Grant Wood’s 1930 painting, American Gothic. Jani steps into the painting and puts his arms around the elderly couple.

Dressed as firemen, they lean against a fire truck and watch her as she walks past them. They hold the hose and aim it at her, getting her wet. She eats a cherry. Jani’s mouth is exaggerated, with larger teeth, as he smiles. Guitars pop out of a convertible. The young woman grins as she sits up in the backseat. Joey sucks on a cherry. Jani checks out the young woman’s breast and butt with his binoculars. Jani and the young woman lie in bed together. Her father yells at them. She sits on the red lips-shaped couch. The painting has changed to a slice of pizza. The red convertible tears through it. She throws the cherry pie in the air. Jani grins as the cherry pie freezes near his head.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young woman serves Jani a cherry pie for dessert at the diner. She asks him if he’d like anything else. He replies that he’d like her phone number. The young woman blushes and writes it down. She puts her fingers to her lips and he tucks it in his wallet.

She talks about the art in her family’s home. As she explains about her mom instilling a love of painting for her, Jani checks out her butt. She puts her hands on her hips, tilts her head and asks him if she knows what she said. Jani musters, “art is beautiful.” She giggles and says she’ll him her favorite place. He asks her for a tour. She kisses him. Her father knocks on the door and throws Jani out. She protests that she’s an adult and can do what she wants.

At the diner, he stands at the counter and asks if she got into trouble. She says she has to give her tables their food and she’ll talk. She cashes out his carryout and says she misses him. Her dad’s really lame and forgot what it was like to be young. He says he’ll meet her after her shift. She shuts the register and takes his hand. She tells him it’ll be too long. He whispers that she’s trouble. She tells him he hasn’t seen anything yet.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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