Video Review: Anne-Marie & Doja Cat “To Be Young”

In silhouette, Anne-Marie puts her hand on the glass window during the sunset. She looks into her empty wine glass. Wearing a tie-dyed long-sleeved t-shirt, she takes a picture of herself on the phone as she sits outside. She lies in bed, scrolling through her friend’s social media feeds. In her yard, she rests her head on a tilted glass table.

Wearing a MISBHV hoodie, she lies on the floor. With crystals on her face, she turns her head. Lit in infrared red, she rests her arm on the glass table. She bends down in her kitchen as clouds are projected on her clear refrigerator. A plate of pizza sits on the bedroom floor as she dangles her feet. She holds a magnifying glass to her lips, which turn a neon violet. Dancing in her backyard, images of herself are projected onto the glass table. Multiple squares fill the screen as she eats a bowl of cereal in her kitchen. Two squares of her with her crystals on her face appear on the left side of the screen as she ruffles her hair in her bedroom.

Lit in neon green, she hugs her pillow. Against a crystallized background, she swings her pillow, She drinks a bottle of liquor in the bathtub. She licks the steamed screen in her shower. In the bathtub, she shaves her legs. Wearing a bathrobe and a white tank top, she skateboards in her backyard. She flops onto the couch with her guitar in the family room.

Wearing a lime green mesh dress, Doja Cat lies on the neon pink grass in her backyard. Lit in royal blue and neon green, she lies in bed. Against a coral background, she raps with a royal blue sheet over her face. Two squares of her lying in bed appear on the left side of the screen. She exhales smoke as she sits on her couch. She plays with dog on the ground and whips her around as she stands on the couch. She does the splits on the couch. They both make funny faces into the camera.

Rating: 3.5/5

Anne-Marie glances at the time. It was 11:00 a.m. She gets out of bed and dances in the kitchen. Opening the freezer, she gets out a carton of ice cream and grabs a bottle of wine from the pantry. She takes a sip from the bottle and eats some ice cream. Taking a picture of it, she posts it on her social media feed, captioning it a healthy breakfast.

Wearing only a designer hoodie, which was most of her paycheck, she films an story of herself about how bored she is. Doja Cat responds with laughing gif. Cat films herself smoking and posts, captioning it that “she’s baking.” Anne-Marie responds that it’s relaxing. Doja Cat practices a dance routine in her family room as she watches music videos on television. Anne-Marie watches television on her phone and groans that it has run out battery during the cliffhanger.

At about 10 p.m., she gets out the hair dye. She posts online for suggestions about the color to choose. Her friends’ choices caused a tie. She shows two boxes and says she’s going for both. She stands by the kitchen sink and applies the color. Doja Cat makes cookies as she listens to music. She posts the finished cookies at 1 a.m. She says it’s middle of the night snack. Anne-Marie watches the video from her virtual class at 1 a.m. and works on her homework until 3 a.m. Her head on the book, she lies on the bedroom floor and closes her eyes.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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