Video Review: General Public “Tenderness”

Against a royal blue background, a 3-year-old boy holds back tears. An 8-year-old boy smiles. A 7-year-old girl is in awe. A 10-year-old girl laughs. A 6-year-old girl nods. Dave plays guitar and Ranking Roger sings against a swirling golden background. A white silhouette version of Roger appears in the middle of them as they perform.

Roger and Dave lean against a building in the city. They clap against the swirling golden background. Dave plays the guitar on a clear, sunny day while Roger stands side by his side. The sun sets as they continue to play. Two young boys open a guitar case. They carry the guitar together. Fans clap and dance during an outdoor concert.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ranking Roger takes the bottle of vintage champagne and greets Dave as he lets him inside his house. Dave says he saw the bottle and thought he’d like it. Roger says he’s been looking for it. Dave says it sells out fast. He says he’ll get some glasses and they can drink it.

Dave says it’s nice to have a break as they watch a movie. Roger laughs and says he can why he likes the movie so much. Dave says he’s seen it multiple times. Roger says know he can actually understand his references. They talk about their former co-workers for a bit. Roger mentions they should have a reunion. Dave says it’ll be good to see everyone again. Roger says it’ll be hard to get everyone together. He says the last time he talked to one of their former co-workers, it was about 6 months ago. Dave says he misses hanging out them.

Dave takes another slice of pizza and asks if he can crash at his house. Roger replies that he can and says he’ll get out some blankets for him. Dave says his mind is changed about pineapple on pizza. It’s officially all right. Roger takes the last slice and closes the box. He says now he has to try artichoke. Dave grins and tells him to let him get used to pineapple for awhile. Roger puts in his choice for the movie and laughs as Dave repeats the quotes with the actors.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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