Video Review: Havana Brown & Pitbull “We Run The Night “

In silhouette, Havana Brown sashays into the club. She gazes at Pitbull as they lean against the wall together. She throws off her hat in the hallway. A low teal light runs along the floor while people dance. Wearing a bandana on her head, she sits on a red throne in the middle of the dance floor. A young man feels her leg.

Wearing a tan bodysuit, she dances by the wall. She puts her arm around Pitbull. A spotlight shines on her as lies on the floor, touching her body. Pitbull leans in to kiss her. Brown mans the turntable. She adjusts the controls. Pitbull whispers in her ear. She pulls him to her with his tie. She smashes the turntable with a hammer and raises it in the air.

Rating: 2/5

Havana Brown sips her drink as she talks with Pitbull before her set. He tells her she’s beautiful. She cocks her head towards the bathroom and says they have about 10 extra minutes or so. He says he wants longer than that. She says her set ends at 2 a.m. He kisses her the neck and says he’ll stop by. She tells him not to be late.

As she walks to the dancefloor, the regulars clap. She fishes out an album out of the cabinet and puts it on the turntable. It was a forgotten classic. However, she loved it and usually opened her set with it. The regulars knew it by heart. One of them even bought her a rare promo vinyl for her birthday. It had cost him at least 500 hundred dollars. She had set it aside with some of her other collector’s items. The record stayed at home. He had asked her to play it for him sometime. She invited him over and slept with him. However, she hadn’t seen him in awhile. They had remained friendly and she had introduced him to his girlfriend. She figured he had settled down.

Back at home, she runs her hand along the lining of the vinyl. She had an entire stand devoted to soul music, arranged in chronological order. There was another stand with dance music, dating back to the 80s. As she takes off her high heels, she listens to ambulance’s sirens as it heads to the hospital. The young man, who lived across the street, revs up his motorcycle as she fluffs her pillow.

Director: N/A Year: 2012

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