Video Review: Keith Sweat & Kut Klose “Twisted”

At 6:00 p.m., the police commissioner receives applause from the people who attended the annual Commissioner’s Ball. He smiles as he walks up the steps. Keith Sweat checks out a young woman while he stands by his table. The commissioner frowns as he goes into the bathroom stall. The young woman, wearing a black mask, steals his jewelry and kills him. The people jump downstairs as they eat. The young woman runs past the tables. She takes off her mask in her car at night and drives off.

The police officers and coroner examine the body. Sweat, dressed in a white suit, sits with Athena, Lavona and Tabitha on the couch in his home. Sweat picks up the bracelet and as a young man takes pictures. He thinks of the young woman as he hands it over. A police officer takes her out of her home and arrests her. Sweat holds her as the police officer walks her to his car. She breathes hard as she sits in the backseat, staring at Sweat.

Sweat gets out of the car and she slips out. He realizes she’s gone and hits his hands on the top of his car. She dangles the handcuffs in her fingers as she sits by the window. He sees her and lets her feel his chest. His phone rings in the middle of the night. Lights flash as she climbs the fire escape.She stays there as the police cars gather around the area. He grabs the handcuffs, the keys and drives off in his car. He raises his arms but the police officers shoot her. Turning around, he sees her lifeless body on fire escape.

Rating: 5/5

Keith Sweat places a rose on the young woman’s grave. Sweat kneels and says a prayer for her. He tells her if he had only gotten there sooner. However, he knew the police officer who shot her. He had multiple violations on his record. It wasn’t his first murder, either. There were at least 4 cold cases that could be attributed to him. Sweat wanted justice for her. She should be alive, awaiting her first hearing.

Sweat was on unpaid administrative leave. Infernal affairs was questioning why he let her go. They had implied an relationship. Sweat had admitted nothing. He had cared for her. The police commissioner had blood on his hands. The police commissioner had sabotaged any reform attempt by the government. He protected the corrupt officers and encouraged cover-ups. Sweat had joined the force to help his community. However, he realized, he was like everyone else – following orders to keep his job.

He discloses his relationship with her while meeting with the internal affairs. The internal officers advise they are going to have to let him go. He turns in his badge and says he’s coming for them. Sweat walks out of the police department’s building and looks at it one last time.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 1996

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