Video Review: Taylor Swift “Cardigan”

Taylor Swift plays the dirt-stained keys of her piano in her family room in the evening. A fire burns in the fireplace near two rocking chairs. A vintage standing framed photo sits on a table. She stands up and opens the lid. A golden glow sparkles as she gazes at it. Climbing up the piano, she goes inside the piano.

Exiting out of the bench, she sees a forest. She steps barefoot on the grass and looks around at the winding branches of the trees. Sitting down on the bench, she continues to play piano on a cliff. A waterfall pours out the mossy piano. She opens the bench and squeezes herself inside as it glows.

Gasping for air, she treads water as she tries to get her bearings. Lightning strikes as she swims in the ocean and reaches for the piano. She holds onto the piano as it rocks back and forth. Seeing the glow, she opens the lid again and climbs inside. She enters her home and sits on the bench. Shivering, she hugs her arms and sees the her cardigan. She puts on her cardigan and composes herself.

Rating: 5/5

Taylor Swift places the dried daisy in her scrapbook. At some point in her life, the love had been true. He was likely off somewhere in the forest, searching for a princess. He had wanted to experience the excruciating reality of life with her. Every draining day at work, the mundane housework, the daily meals. In between, they chased each other around her family’s cabin in the summers and sailed on the lake during the afternoons.

Then the storm hit. She had tried to save them and returned back home, ready for new adventures. She bought a harness and closed her piano. However, he often went to visit his friends at the bar to watch sports. She had talked to their girlfriends online and suggested a dinner party. They had agreed a get-together was necessary. She had ordered the wine and bought the groceries for a lamb chop meal.

As she glazed the lamb chops, her boyfriend had walked into the kitchen and told her their friends had cancelled. She said it would be more for everyone else. He reiterated to her that no one was coming. He had told them they were going to get all wings at the restaurant. She had slammed the oven door and burst out into tears. She had been trying so hard and it just wasn’t enough. He put his arm around and she shook it off. She had told him she couldn’t even look at him and asked him to leave.

He never came back. Her friends hid the truth but she knew there was someone else. But there were plans to be made. She digs up the cardigan he gave as a present for her birthday a few months ago and wraps herself in it. It was comfortable and she couldn’t bear to get rid of it. The scent of her cologne reaches her nose and she stares off into the distance.

Director: Taylor Swift Year: 2020

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