Video Review: Kygo & Tina Turner “What’s Love Got To Do With It”

A young man (Charles Michael Davis) sits on his couch, surrounded by cardboard boxes with his stuff in his apartment, watching television. On television, his ex-girlfriend (Laura Harper) poses on the red carpet. A reporter says to her, “you’ve completely transformed since we last saw you here. What’s the secret to your glow?” The young woman responds, “I cut out boys who were bad for my health. No one gets to have this woman.”

Lit in royal blue, he touches her shoulder in the bathtub. She asks him, “do you love all of me?” He says, “yes.” She asks him, “are you in love with all of me?” He doesn’t say a word. She pulls back as he puts his hand on her cheek. While on a walk on the trail, they talk as the eat their ice cream cones. She takes a bite out of his ice cream as it drips. He kisses her. In bed, he pulls the sheet away. She grabs it back. He grins and takes the entire sheet. Her mom turns up the radio as they eat dinner on the balcony. She dances with her mom and dad.

He puts a necklace around as she reads a book on the couch. Back on the balcony, she pulls his hand but he shakes his head “no.” He walks away and makes a phone call. She touche the necklace, thinking, “does he even see me?” On the balcony, her mom asks her, “show me how this is honoring you, baby girl.” He continues to talk on the phone.

She crawls up to him in bed and he pushes her away. Wearing a neon green dress, she walks by him as he lies on the couch. He scoffs. She thinks to herself, “you only love me when people are watching.” He stresses about his reaction and thinks, as he clasps the necklace, that “I wish I had more to give you.” She lip syncs with the liquor bottle as she dances on the table at the bar. In the bathtub, he sits on the left while she smokes on the right. The bartender claps for her.

At the event, she gets into her car while the cameras flash. The young man moves to the front. As he looks at her, he thinks. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to celebrate a woman like you.” She glares at him as she rolls up the window.

Rating: 5/5

The young man reads through an entertainment magazine while waiting at the checkout. His ex-girlfriend was on the cover with a headline stating “happier than ever!” In the article, she says being single has given her an opportunity to love herself again. She explains she was in a relationship with someone who couldn’t love her. She tried really hard for it to work. However, he didn’t care. He shuts the magazine and shoves it back on the rack. The second young man side-eyes him. It was difficult to read about their relationship through her eyes.

No one knew who he was. It had been her choice. She told him once reporters starting asking her about him, it wouldn’t be their relationship anymore. He had posted a pic online with her while they sat in the bathtub. He wanted to show her he was good enough and people could care about him, too. Her manager had to shut it down and it had led to her being on the phone almost all night with her publicist, addressing the issue. He had accused of her of not wanting to be seen with him. She told him that if he wants to be famous so bad, to get an agent and don’t rely on her. He broke up with her and found his own place.

He sits with his current girlfriend, drinking a beer and she suggests a movie with the young woman in it. It had been a worldwide hit and made her a household name. He had seen it about 5 times already. Even though he wasn’t with her, he still kept up with her. She was engaged to her co-star and was preparing for her wedding. His current girlfriend says the young woman is her favorite actress. She wouldn’t even acknowledge him. He had tried calling her parents and even attending one of her events. She turned him away each time. He comments that she’s his favorite, too and presses play.

Director: Sarah Bahbah Year: 2020

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