Video Review: Vitamin C “Me, Myself & I”

Vitamin C opens the door her home. She dances with her friends in the parking lot of a diner. In her family room, she calls her boyfriend on a cell phone and stands outside with her friends. Her boyfriend (Johnny Knoxville) waves to her friends as he stands in the parking lot. He talks with some young women.

She puts a bomb in his car and it explodes in the street. He uses a fire extinguisher to put the fire out as she walks away from the car. She dances by the car as it burns. Standing by the bus, she watches her as friends walk off of it. One of her friend whispers something to her. She walks back to the bus and pulls the curtain. Her second boyfriend turns to face her, his hands on the hips of a third young woman. She pulls by the ear as they walk off the bus.

She dances on the hood of the bus as her  second boyfriend tries to pull it with a rope. Her first boyfriend (Knoxville) stands at her door with a bouquet of flowers. She kicks him with her leg and he flies off her porch. Sitting at a table in the parking lot, she watches several men dance for her. Her first boyfriend auditions for her and she laughs. She takes her suitcase and walks on the street.

Rating: 3/5

Vitamin C flops on the couch and takes a nap. Her phone rings, waking her up. It was her best friend, asking her if she wanted to hang out with them at the diner. She tells her she’ll be there in 15 minutes. In the bathroom, she combs her hair and touches up her lipstick. She grabs her keys and drives her to the diner.

Turning up the radio, she sings along loudly to the radio. She thinks of one of her boyfriends, who cringed whenever she danced in her seat in the car. He told her to stop. She listened to him but she felt ashamed. However, without him, she realized he didn’t accept him who she was. She was being herself.

At the diner, she orders the mega hamburger. She thinks one of her boyfriends, who often commented on her weight. Whenever she out with him, she only ate salads. Her parents had mentioned she was losing too much weight. Her boyfriend had put her arm around her waist and had told them she finally looked perfect. She had beamed. However, her parents had taken her aside and told her he wasn’t good for her. She had fainted during one of their dates and had to be taken to be the emergency room. She had decided right then and there not to call him anymore.

Her best friend asks her if she’d like to be set up. Vitamin C takes a bite out of the hamburger and says she’s okay being single now. She likes having her freedom. Her best friend says he’s a really good guy and says she’ll tell him she’s not ready. She tells her friend she says it’s good to hang out with everyone again. Her best friend says they gave them a scare and they are glad she’s okay. Vitamin C asks her friend if she can have some of her cheese fries. Her friend slides the plate over and says they can share.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1999

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