Video Review: Jack Harlow, DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne “What’s Poppin (Remix)”

Against a white background, Jack Harlow lies on matching, oversized speakers. He raps into a hanging microphone. Tory Lanez dances next to him. A young woman shakes her butt by a white speaker.

Harlow stands on the end of a runway as scarlet and royal blue lights flash against a black background. Lil Wayne and DaBaby dance with him. Lil Wayne laughs as he dances on the runway. DaBaby raps against the black background while Harlow stands with him. Three versions of DaBaby stand together as he puts his hand down his pants.

Tory Lanez puts one leg on metallic chair. A second young woman dances by him. In another room, a third young woman, wearing a black top and leather pants, also dances. He sits in the chair as he raps. Harlow sits in the chair while two young women sit beside him.

Standing upside down on the ceiling, Lil Wayne pours his drink as it sits on the table. He stumbles as he walks on the floor. Harlow dances with him on the ceiling. He sits on the floor by the light with his drink. Harlow, Lil Wayne and DaBaby put one hand up as they stand on the runway.

Rating: 2/5

Jack Harlow shakes Lil Wayne’s hand and says he knows every one of his songs. He starts to rap a verses and Lil Wayne tells him it’s all right. Lil Wayne asks him what songs it’s from. Harlow tilts his head and says it’s verse from Kevin Rudolf’s “Let It Rock.” Lil Wayne says his enthusiasm is appreciated but they are going to chill.

Tory Lanez walks in and greets Lil Wayne. He turns to Harlow and asks him name. Harlow introduces himself and says he’s humbled to meet him. Lanez nods and talks with Lil Wayne about his girlfriend. Lil Wayne says for her to break up with her and not to do anything crazy. Harlow chimes in, saying that girls are so much trouble. Lanez giggles.

Harlow sees DaBaby and rushes over to say hi. He says he sees him as a peer and not a competitor. He hopes they can have a great working relationship with no hard feelings. DaBaby responds with “you got it” and asks Lil Wayne if he’s stocked up since the last time he was there. Lil Wayne says he can help himself. Harlow says he’d like something to drink. Wayne tells DaBaby to help out the kid. DaBaby sighs and gestures for Harlow to follow him. Harlow skips over to DaBaby and says he’s amazed by Lil Wayne’s house. DaBaby nods and says his kids are great, too. Harlow says he’s read about his kids. DaBaby opens the liquor cabinet and tells him to pick a bottle.

Director: Eif Rivera Year: 2020

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