Video Review: Headie One & Drake “Only You Freestyle”

Drake walks into the teal lit parking structure. People stand by their trucks, with their headlights on, as he raps by them. Metal shelves of cardboard boxes stand in the corner. A friend of his lights up a cigarette.

Lit in royal blue, a young woman sits on the passenger side of the car, her finger on her cheek. Headie One walks into the parking structure. Lit in soft gold, three of his friends hold their red plastic cups as they talk. Two other friends play ping-pong in the corner. Headie One sits in a chair and raps as they play.

In a split screen, Headie One’s friends, lit in teal, listen to him rap on top. On the bottom screen, Drake’s friends talk with another as they walk by each other’s cars.

Back in teal, some of Headie One’s friends play pool. Another friend sits on a chair, wearing a face mask. The light rotates to a harsh cherry red as his friends dance. Headie One sips his drink while the cherry red lights flash.

Rating: 2.5/5

Headie One pours himself a drink and talks with one his friends. He says it’s good to see him. His friend takes a mask off the table and says he forgot his at home. Headie One asks a young woman if she’d like to play a game of ping-pong with him. She says she’s worried about being around people. Headie One says that’s all right.

His friend pumps his arm and says that’s the game. Headie One takes the paddle and starts the next game. His friend says he’s been practicing. Headie One says there hasn’t been much to do. His friend raises his arms and says he knew it was going to go out of bounds. Headie One gives the ball back to him and says he can try it again.

Two of his friends stand together and talk. One of his friends says it’s the first time he’s been out since the lockdown. Another of his friends says his girlfriend did his hair. His friend compliments him and says she did a good job. His second friend nods and says she even surprised herself. Headie One joins them and says he got his hair cut last week. He says he won’t take it ever granted again. His friend says he made some unique new dishes. Headie One says he’s had a few kitchen sink dinners, himself. A third friend of his says he’s things are gradually coming back in stock. Headie One says he’s grabbing two of everything just in case.

Directors: Nathan James Tettey & Nathan Skurda Year: 2020

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