Video Review: Wilson Phillips “The Dream Is Still Alive”

Within the clouds, Carnie, Chynna and Wendy sing. Chynna closes her eyes as the sun sets on the beach. They dance in a field of flowers. Against a lavender background, Carnie sings. As she sings, she multiplies.

Carnie, Chynna and Wendy smile as they hold hands and walk in a circle in the field. They stand by lit candles in the devotional area of a church. Chynna wears iridescent tinted sunglasses, which match the sky. Her face appears in them. In archival footage, Jimi Hendrix plays the guitar. The peace sign appears in the thunderous sky as Carnie sings. They sing over a cemetery. The guitarist plays within the clouds.

In a home video, Chynna puts on her birthday hat. Carnie and Wendy sit by their mother. Chynna, at about 8 years old, makes a funny face as her mom, Michelle Phillips, holds her. As children, they stand with their arms around one another in a photo.

Rating: 2.5/5

Chynna, Carnie and Wendy accept Communion during Mass. During the prayer, they hold hands and bow their heads. Carnie whispers to Chynna she’d like to light a candle for a relative of hers. Chynna nods. In the devontional area, they donate money and light the candles. Chynna folds her hands and prays. Wendy puts her arm around her. Chynna lights her candle and thinks of the soldiers overseas.

Chynna drives them to the park after church. Wendy brings out family photos she found. Carnie’s laughs at a photo of them together. Chynna says her mom was wondering where she got the bruise. Wendy hands a photo to Chynna and says her mom said she could have it. Chynna says she completely forgot about the pool. Carnie says they were obsessed with it. Chynna says she has to ask her mom what she did with the pool. Wendy explains she had to talk her mom out of getting rid of some of their stuffed animals. Chynna says they should promise to be close family friends forever. Wendy and Carnie place their hands on Chynna’s and say they’ll continue to talk.

Wendy lies down on the grass and exclaims it’s a beautiful day. Chynna says she never wants to leave California. Carnie says she believes the war will be over soon. Wendy says it’s affected so many people. Chynna says she’s been reading news articles about it and it horrifies her. However, she has to believe it’s for the best. Wendy says she wants the soldiers to come home safe. Carnie says she’d never thought she see a war in her lifetime. Chynna turns to her and says she has to hope that the world will be okay for their children.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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