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A large spaceship flies in the atmosphere as a digital clock turns to midnight on January 1, 3000. A robot opens the door and presses the button to the pods. In the pods, Howie, AJ, Nick, Kevin and Brian rest. The robot, with a human face, grins as they wake up.

Brian skateboards in a tunnel, dodging objects as he swerves. Kevin pilots the spaceship. Nick performs a dance with other cardinal yellow robots in a ballroom. AJ shakes as tentacles form out of his suit and attach to boxes  as he stands at the bottom. Howie dances in a blurry, red-and-yellow room. A young woman materializes on a skateboard and rides on the opposite of him. A second young woman dances with Howie.

Kevin touches the screen as he views the map. AJ’s released from the tentacles as he floats. Nick and the other robots shut down in the ballroom. Kevin fixes the error in the system. Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ perform a dance routine with a group of people in the main room.

Kevin shoots back as missiles hit the ship. Several young women look over their shoulders as missiles fly towards them. One smaller ship explodes. Back in the pod room, the lights shut off. Brian closes his eyes.

Rating: 2.5/5

AJ presents his research to the captain. He says an attack is imminent and they must have a plan. Kevin, sitting in a chair, asks him if he has any idea who be after him. AJ says he’s gathering information on rival groups. He believes it may be women. The captain bows his head and says they must be careful. The women are relentless and use whatever force they have necessary. He pages Brian to enter the meeting.

Nick teaches the robots human moves. He stands in front of the ballroom and tells them to try it again. Nodding, he walks by them and says they are doing a good job. The siren goes off. Nick commands them to get down. He crawls to the intercom and asks what’s going on. Kevin says to be on alert. A rival group of women have spotted them.

Brian searches for a command on the screen as a young woman dashes past him. The young woman starts to fade. Brian gets back on his skateboard and rides through the young woman. The young woman leaps and disappears into thin air. Brian retrieves his skateboard and hears the missiles sailing in the atmosphere. One dinged part of the ship, knocking out some power.

Howie talks with the second young woman and asks her about their mission. The second young woman says they only want to their attention. Howie says he can talk with the captain about making a pit stop on their planet. The second young woman says Kevin has to change direction. Howie pages Kevin and gives the instructions. Kevin says they might not have enough fuel. The second young woman says she carries some fuel in her purse. Howie says he’ll take it and tells him to do as he says. Kevin says the women are turning back. They are safe. Howie instructs Kevin to stay the course and land on the other planet.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 1999

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