Video Review: Chloe x Halle “Forgive Me”

Chloe and Halle drag a young man on the sand. Wearing black leather outfits, they sit together on a rock. They dance between multiple teal spotlights positioned on the floor. Chloe’s eyes flash teal for a moment as she holds a a shovel. A silver statue of Chloe smirks.

Against a neon green background, several young men crawl on the forest floor. Chloe and Halle push them away as they approach. They perform a dance routine with the young men. Lit in neon green, their statues stand back-to-back as they turn. Chloe and Halle shovel the sand. They each sit on a throne. The men lie on the ground as Chloe and Halle press their hands together, their eyes glowing teal.

Rating: 5/5

Chloe crosses her arms and says the young man won’t break. Halle flicks her fingernails. The other young men rise. She tells them to examine their new friend. The young man cowers as they pull at his body. He shouts for them to stop. Halle waves her hands back and the men sit up. The young man sits up. She pats him on the head as she walks to their throne.

Halle looks through the shelf for some ingredients. Chloe uses the salt to form a circle. They hold hands and chant as they summon the gods. Rain begins to pour in the forest. They hear the men scream and slip on the muddy ocean floor. She raises her hand, as it glows, and gestures for them to come inside. Halle says she’s going to give them to talk to their families. The young man stands up front and says he wants to tell them everything. Chloe shrugs and tells him to go ahead. The gods create a hole in the floor and swallows him. Chloe waves her hands and says they can go.

Chloe climbs down the ladder and says she saw some campers. Halle tells her they should lay low. Some people are actually asking about the young man. Chloe sees the young man’s family searching the area in the mirror and gasps. Halle turns to her and tells her to stay calm. They’ll befriend them. Chloe narrows her eyes and says they can expand their reach. Halle gets up from the chair and says she’s going to look for them. Chloe’s eyes glow teal and the young men ask her what she needs.

Director: C Prinz Year: 2020

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