Video Review: Jody Watley “Everything”

Jody Watley puts on a necklace as she sits in her dressing room. In the evening, she walks with her manager and her boyfriend. Lit in royal blue, she walks in the airport. As the fans shout, “Jody!” she dances on stage. She holds a fan’s hand.

The airplane lands on the tarmac. She walks past a bouquet of roses on stage. Back at the airport, she sits in a chair, her hand on neck. She rides the escalator with a friend and talks on the payphone. By the window, she and her boyfriend, lit in silhouette. She writes in a notebook and hands it to the security guard. Her daughter walks out with her on stage. She smiles as she sits on the bus. Her husband raises his arm in the air as they walk towards the airplane with the band.

Rating: 2.5/5

Jody Watley rests her head on her husband’s shoulder in the airplane. She murmurs something intelligible and he laughs. He moves slowly and lets her sleep on the couch. In his duffel bag, he finds a blanket and puts it over her. Watley yawns and asks her what city they are in. Her husband tells her they are in London. She says she has to call some her friends once they get to the hotel.

At the airport, she talks on the phone with her daughter. She tells her that she misses her and asks her if she has received her ticket. Her daughter exclaims “yes!” She says she and her stepdad will have a lunch and spend time before the show in New York City. Her husband, Andre, gets on the phone next. He asks her if she got the toy in the mail. She says it hasn’t arrived yet. He says he’ll look into it. He tells her he loves her and hands the phone back to Watley.

A security guard tells her he enjoys music and asks if he can have an autograph. She responds “sure” and writes in his notebook. He says “thanks.” Watley continues to talk with her husband as they wait in the lobby for her daughter’s plane to land. Watley greets her daughter at the airport with a hug. She takes her hand and says they have a big day planned. Her daughter says she brought her toy from Sweden. She says it’s so cool. He tells her to put in her duffel bag so it doesn’t get lost. Her daughter points to a car and asks if it’s for them. He said he isn’t sure. Watley says she recognizes the driver waiting for them. He opens the door for them. Watley grins at her husband as she slides in the seat at the end. They listen to their daughter as she talks about school on the way to the restaurant.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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