Video Review: Jhené Aiko “Summer 2020”

A bubble flies onto the lawn in Jhené Aiko’s backyard. She sits in a kiddie pool and runs her hand in the water. Butterflies fly past her. The stripes within a painting on the fence turn. She picks up a crystal and watches it as unravels in air. Tilting her head back, she closes her eyes as flowers bloom in her hair. A teal insect lands on her finger.

She sits on the hood of her car, parked on the curb in front of her home. She blows bubbles as she sits in the pool. A rain cloud appears over her and she opens her umbrella. As she closes it, a rainbow shines on her. She holds up a square crystal and examines it in the sunlight.

Rating: 5/5

Jhené Aiko digs out the kiddie pool out of the basement. Her daughter had stopped playing with it years ago. But she couldn’t bear to rid of it. Her daughter looks up from her tablet and rolls her eyes. Aiko opens the screen door and places it on the lawn.

She blows it up in the backyard and fills it with hose. As she sits in it, she wiggles her toes and splashes the water. It was good to feel like a kid again. Times were so different back then. She had taken it for granted and believed her daughter would grow up in an improved world. However, her daughter was ticked at her for not letting her go out with her friends. She told her she didn’t want her to get any of her friends or their relatives to become sick. Her daughter had said she missed out so much and all she wants it to see her friends. Her daughter told her she was being unreasonable and had slammed the door.

Aiko blows bubbles and grins. The summer had been a challenge. There were going to be more ahead. However, she was going to her protect her family. Even though her daughter was upset with her, they were going get through it. Her phone dings. The grocery store delivery had arrived. She gets up and walks to the porch.

Director: Eyes Year: 2020

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