Video Review: Diana Ross “Swept Away”

Diana Ross breaks some twigs and throws them in the fire as she sits on the sand. The light from the lighthouse blinds her and she looks up. She flails in the ocean. A young man turns to her and she closes her eyes as she leans against the rock. In a wave of sky blue blankets, she continues to reach for the surface.

She moves the sheet closer to her as she wakes up in her canopy bed. The young man twirls her baton as she dances in bed. Wearing an iridescent strapless dress, she lies on the rock as the waves crash at night.

A young woman puts out her cigarette on a couple’s table and dances with the young man. Ross walks in and puts her hands on her hips as she watches them. He kicks the young woman on the ground and takes a drink from the sixtysomething couple’s table. The young woman clings to his leg. They continue to dance. Ross shoves the young woman off him and slaps him. Back in her bedroom, he sits with her in bed. They hold hands.

She swims in the ocean. Wearing a white nightgown, she dances on the balcony of the lighthouse. In the cafe, she and the young woman circle one another. Ross slaps the young woman. The young man tries to break up the fight. Ross pushes him into the wall. He knocks himself out as he lands on the floor. On top of the lighthouse, he grabs her and she throws him over the railing.

Rating: 3/5

Diana Ross lifts up her top and sees the bruise on her hips. It was fading into a mustard yellow. She winces as it turns. An pink outline of his thumb was still visible. Her affair with the young woman while in Paris, France was volatile. They would slap one another one minute and kiss the next. She couldn’t leave him. She wanted to be his muse and live in Paris for a little while longer.

However, a server at the cafe had alerted her of the multiple relationships he had. She had broken the coffee cup as she pointed out one of his other loves. He had called her and told her he couldn’t be with her tonight. He had a painting to finish. She went to the restaurant and saw him with another young woman. The young woman told him he was hers. Ross was one of many. Ross called her cheap and pushed her to the floor. The young man told them to stop and he loved them both. She told him she didn’t want to hear it.

At the lighthouse, she had stood on the balcony, thinking it was last day in France. The young man told her to wait and asked her to stay. She told him to leave him alone. He went over the railing and she gasped. She had called the police from the pay phone. The police tried to make sense of her sentences as she stood in shock. They had ruled it an accident. But she couldn’t shake it. His death didn’t even make the newspaper. Everything about their love had been a lie. She sits in the airplane and leans back in her chair as they fly over the city.

Director: Dominic Orlando Year: 1984

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