Video Review: Kygo & OneRepublic “Lose Somebody”

Against a magenta and aqua laser background, a young man holds a video camera. On television, a second young man does aerobics on his fitness show. Ryan sits up in bed and stretches. Kygo stretches on his bed. Hands in his pockets, Ryan walks downtown Los Angeles. Kygo walks past two kids roller skating in a suburbs.

Against a background of golden palm trees, Kygo plays the keyboard. In a split screen, Kygo, in the suburbs, walks to the passenger side of the car (left). Ryan leaves the venue and enters his car (right). Ryan drives on a icy road in the mountains. Kygo glances at a mime in France as they walk by the river. Ryan sings in a field while Kygo plays the keyboard.

Kygo tips his sunglasses as checks out several young women as they drive through the desert. The young women blow bubbles by their van. Ryan drives through the office supply aisle of a store. A dog drives the car for awhile. Ryan stands in an arcade. Kygo yells into the bullhorn as they ride the escalator. Ryan laughs as Kygo dances with the chefs during a festival.

Kygo skies down the trail. A young woman holds a baseball bat on the side of the road. Photographers rush to take their picture as they drive on the road. Multiple versions of Kygo play instruments in front of the Arc de triomphe in Paris, France. Ryan walks through a field of sunflowers. A sixtysomething man wears headphones as he DJ’s in his home. Kygo and Ryan drive underwater. They ride an ostrich in space. An astronaut watches them as they fly. A dog barks over Earth.

A giant panda eats while Kygo fights off an spaceship with his sword. In black-and-white, they dance as the alien spaceship disintegrates a car in the city. Ryan pets a tiger in the forest. Ryan throws Kygo the Frisbee in a stadium. They give each other a high-five and a car explodes behind him. They walk back home.

Rating: 3/5

Ryan talks with Kygo over Zoom. Kygo says he’s running out of things to do. His house is the cleanest it’s ever been. He’s read every magazine and book. Ryan says shares some of his photos from France. Kygo says they could be performing with a mime on the street. Ryan adds that would be dancing in front of every landmark. Kygo says they’ll take a road trip to Dubai and talk to the camels. Ryan says they’ll take a hoverboard to Japan and defeat Godzilla. Kygo spits out his drink as he laughs.

Kygo suggests they’ll hang glide over the North Pole and tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Ryan says but they’ll be banned for flirting with Mrs. Claus. Kygo says they’ll befriend an ostrich and it’ll hop in the air. Ryan says it’ll be able to hold their luggage. Ryan mentions the ostrich will have superpowers and communicate with the aliens. Kygo says the aliens will negogiate world peace with him. However, they’ll see what a mess 2020 is and return back to their planet. Ryan says they’ll provide them with useful secrets that’ll help them save the world.

Ryan clutches his stomach and says it’s the most fun he’s had in awhile. Kygo says he misses him and he’ll have to take the first flight out to see him. Ryan tells him to stay safe. Kygo reminds him to wear his mask everywhere he goes. Ryan shows him his mask. Kygo tells him “goodnight.” Ryan wraps his arms around the computer as he says goodbye. Kygo laughs and shuts off his computer. Ryan closes the app and searches online for non-political news.

Director: Christian Lamb Year: 2020

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