Video Review: Fergie “London Bridge”

A note reads: “2 days off from tour. Meet me in London, Fergie.” Two young women stand with their arms crossed in front of car as it bounces up and down. Fergie dances as she sails down the River Thames with Taboo, sit in separate sections of a club. The two young women dance with her in a parking lot of the Woolwich Barracks. 

As a guards stare ahead, she feels him up and rubs her body against his. Her car drives to the Belgravia Gentleman’s Club.  A server hands her a glass of champagne as she gets out of the car. The photographers crowd around her and she tells them to leave her alone. She holds it as she walks into the club. A young man stares at her and she walks with him up to the stairs. On top of the stairs, she takes off his tie and puts it around her neck. He sits as she gives him a lap dance. She lies on a pool table.

At the club, the people raise their glasses while they sit at the table in the dining room. Fergie walks on the table and dances. The guards dance with her in front of the Woolwich Barracks. The people dance with her as she performs on the table.

Rating: 3/5

Fergie scoffs as she reads about being spotted at the Gentleman’s Club. There weren’t any pictures but the article was implying she was out of control. One of the young man texts her and says it was a great night. She replies that it yes and to join her for dinner. He says he’d love to get together with her.

Photographers meet them at the restaurant. He asks her if her life has always been like this. She replies that it’s recent. She says it’s something she has gotten used to. As they eat dinner, several fans approach her table and ask for an autograph. She signs it and takes a picture. He says they were really nice. She says she was working when she was that young. She says she’d leave him a ticket for the concert. He shows his ticket and says he bought it a long time ago. She grabs it and says she can get him much better seats.

During an interview before the concert, a reporter asks her about the incident at the Gentleman’s Club. Fergie replies she was having fun but it was nothing inappropriate. The reporter leans in and says she heard about a mystery man. Fergie says it’s her personal life and she won’t comment on it. She thanks the reporter for her time and says she has to get on stage soon.

Backstage, she hugs the young man. She says she’s nervous. He tells her good luck and that she’ll do well. The band begins to play and she has to go. The people shout her name and she waves to them. She turns her head and smiles at the young man. He waves. She starts the second song.

Director: Marc Webb Year: 2006

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