Video Review: LoCash “One Big Country Song”

An invisible person, wearing a cowboy hat, walks on the sidewalk. Lit in teal, Chris leans against the wall of the bar, playing his guitar. Preston joins him. Two invisible people sit on the edge of the train tracks and dangle their feet. A young woman walks on the sidewalk in her neighborhood, staring at her phone. An invisible person walks past her and checks her out.

Chris orders drinks at the bar. Preston plays the piano in the bar. An invisible person walks their dog over the train tracks. The invisible person, wearing a white cowboy, materializes into a fortysomething woman. A twentysomething woman materializes and says “yeah” to Chris and Preston. Chris clinks his glass with the people in the bar. A young man materializes as he walks through the door. Several invisible people chase each other. Back in the bar, the people toast one another.

Rating: 2/5

Chris says hello to the fortysomething woman. She says it wasn’t easy finding the place and walked around the block two times before she found it. She jumps up when she hears a country song and says she’s has to dance. She whispers that not even her boyfriend knows she listens to country music. Her friends all make fun of country when she brings it up. He tells her she’s among friends and says he’ll teach her how to line dance.

A twentysomething woman runs up to Preston and starts singing along with him. He turns to her and exclaims that he hasn’t seen her for a long time. She says she moved and he must come to her housewarming party. He tells her to text her new address. She shows him the home and says she’s so excited. He asks her about her boyfriend. She cocks her head and mutters that he’s gone. He says he’s sorry. She says she’s better off. He says she might find someone here. She says she’d like to. No one she knows listens to country music and it’ll help. He says he knows someone he’s been waiting for her to be single. She asks him to point him out. He does and she says “oooh.” She tells him not to wait up as she walks by him.

The young man walks in and orders a drink at the bar. A second young man exclaims, “oh my! I didn’t know you came here.” He gives her a hesitant nod. He wasn’t expecting anyone from work to be there. She says she has to introduce them to some of her friends. He walks with her to a table. She points out Chris, Preston and several people at the table. He shakes their hands. They talk for a bit. The twentysomething hands him a shot and says it’s courtesy of her. He chugs it and the group of people clap. Dancing with the twentysomething woman, he says he’d never seen her. She says she was out of commission for a while. He buys her a drink and talks to her in the corner. She adds him to her to social media and says she’s having a party coming up. He says he’ll have to go to it.

Director: TK McKamy Year: 2019

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