Video Review: Nathan Dawe & KSI “Lighter”

KSI throws his chips on the table after looking at his cards and declares, “all in.” Windowkid asks him if he’s sure. Sweat drips from Windowkid and S-X’s foreheads. Nathan lays out his winning hand. KSI says, “forget this stupid poker game. Let’s try a different sport.” Windowkid suggests “croquet.” They all laugh. Nathan says, “we should do one sport we’re all good at.” KSI smashes his fist on the card table.

They get in KSI’s car and take a video of themselves. At the arena, the coach explains the rules of basketball and has them warm-up by doing push-ups. The coach places the markers on the football field. KSI throws a free throw in the gym. Nathan kicks the ball in the field. S-X and Lotto Ash slip on the floor as they try to dribble the ball. The coach shouts at them and throws his papers. KSI leans against a fence, holding up a newspaper with his photograph in it. In the photo, his legs stretch to the length of the skyscrapers. He leans out of a Instagram photo and touches the fire emoji.

KSI and his friends play a game of basketball. KSI throws the ball out of bounds. The ball rolls towards a young woman. They put their hands over their mouths. She makes a free throw. Nathan talks with her in the bleachers. The other men try to sit by her and get her attention. Nathan puts his hand over his eyes and makes the shot. They hug him on the court. She claps for him. KSI dunks the ball. As it goes through the net, the ball turns into animated fire.  Nathan aims to kick the football as multiple balls float in the air. He kicks into the net.

Nathan tells his friends, “right lads, we’re off” as he leaves with the young woman. KSI exclaims, “what?” Nathan turns to his friends and waves goodbye. The coach tries to talk him and he pushes him away.

Rating: 3/5

KSI dribbles the ball and avoids the block as he dunks the ball. Nathan and the young woman cheer for him in the stands. KSI shouts “yeah” as he runs on the court. He points to a second young woman and she waves at him. He waves back at her. The coach tells him to keep his mind on the game.

KSI sits on the bleachers and wipes his face during a time-out. He stares at the young woman as the coach talks. The coach side-eyes him and asks him what he just said. KSI said “to just give me the ball.” The coach nods and says that’s somewhat true. He reminds of the play. KSI tells him he’s got it.

During the last 30 seconds, KSI lands the three-pointer, winning the game. The young woman claps for him. His friends and teammates walk on the court and pat him on the back. He excuses himself and gestures for the young woman to join him. Nathan grins as he sees him talking and tells him they’ll catch him up with later. KSI nods and continues to talk with the young woman. Nathan was one of his best friends. However, it seemed as though he was the best at everything. It was finally his turn. He takes the young woman’s hand as they leave the gym together.

Director: Roscoe Year: 2020

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