Video Review: The Cranberries “Dreams (Version 2)”

Lit in teal, flowers and crystals fall into the water. Dolores’ reflection can be seen as she leans against the wall. Her eyes closed, she moves around the surface. In color, she sways her head as she dances.

Lit in teal, Mike plays the guitar and Fergal plays the drums. Dolores levitates, her body lit in blue and then falls. The glass rolls to the end of the wall and back as Dolores stares ahead. In silhouette, she looks down as water falls down in the distance. Lit in aqua, Fergal and Noel close their eyes.

Lit in gray, her face submerges under the water. A flower starts to bloom. Back in teal, she sways her head back and forth.

Rating: 2.5/5

Dolores puts her elbow on the table and grins, Her textbook lies open in her lap. Looking out the window, she thinks of her crush coming over to her home and having tea. He’d kiss her over the stove and she’d blush. Their relationship would be solid.  She sighs and realizes she hasn’t turned a page in an half hour. Picking up her highlighter, she marks several paragraphs in her book and jots some notes in her notebook.

In class, she joins him as they debate about a character’s motivations from their assigned book. After class, he tells her was determined. She tells him she believed the character wasn’t the villain. The character wanted out but didn’t know how to go about it the right away. The character was human. He puts his hands up and says she has won the argument. He was being too black-and-white about the character. She says she’s going to lunch and asks him if he’d like to join her. He says he’s got some time to kill before class and that he’ll go with her.

Although it wasn’t technically a date, it seemed to be the start of something. He had called her and asked her some questions about the reading. They ended up talking for about two hours. She wanted to believe he liked her. However, she didn’t want to get her hopes up. The phone rings and she runs to the wall. It was him. He asks her if she can notes for him tomorrow. He’s not feeling well and won’t be in class. She says she will and asks for his address. She writes it down on a piece of paper and looks for some chicken soup in the pantry.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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