Video Review: Eurythmics “Here Comes The Rain Again”

Gray clouds hover over Old Man of Hoy in Orkney, Scotland. Black-and-white waves roll towards the shore. Back in color, a seagull flies by the mountains. Annie walks on the cliff while Dave films with his video camera.

She looks into a bowl of water and touches it with her finger at the vanity. Dave films her as she looks into the mirror. During the day, Dave films as he stands on a kayak in the ocean. She takes a candle from her vanity and places it on a shelf. Dave peeks through the window while she grabs the lantern. She holds up the lantern as she walks out of the cabin at night. She passes by chickens and tiptoes to a rock as she walks in the ocean. Dave films the waves in the ocean.

While she sleeps in bed with her coat, some rain pours over her. Back on the cliff, she stares at the gray clouds.

Rating: 3/5

Annie covers herself with the blanket as the rain pounds on the cabin. She rubs her hands and blows in them as she sits up in bed. Putting on a robe, she walks to the kitchen and makes herself some tea. She sips it as she sits at the table. It had been dreary for most of the day. The rain taps on the window and she gets up. Perhaps she’ll see the man with the video camera.

He hadn’t spoken to her once. Although he seemed to be everywhere, she couldn’t find him. The locals knew of him. However, they couldn’t much provide detail. Sometimes, he came into the cafe and ate some breakfast. But he didn’t really talk to anyone. There was connection between them. But he preferred to stay in the shadows.

She carries her lantern as she walks on the rock and heads towards the ocean. It was where she had seen him last. She wanders on the beach and thinks she sees him. He walks up to her and puts down his video camera.  She gives him her hand.

Directors: Dave Stewart, Jonathan Gershfield and Jon Roseman Year: 1983

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