Video Review: Rod Wave “Girl Of My Dreams”

Rod Wave sits up in his bed in the middle of the night. A young woman touches her side as she lies in a field of tulips. Her hair flows in the wind as she watches the sunset. She watches the waves as she stands barefoot on the sand. In the evening, she wears a thong bikini as she walks on the beach. She walks in the field of tulips.

Rating: 3.5/5

Rod Wave lies awake in bed, going over the conversation he had with a young woman. It was short but had made an impression on him. He had asked her if she was next in line. She had smiled at him and told him to go ahead. He had turned beet red. While he waited, he kept glancing over at her. She was texting on her phone. He admired her taste in clothes. She wore a tasteful crop top with distressed jeans. Her hair was the color of chestnut and reached her shoulders.

The cashier asks him how he’s doing. He looks over at the young woman again and says that he’s fine. The cashier tells him his total and he fumbles through his wallet. He drops his credit card and looks over at the young woman again. He puts the credit card in the machine and smiles at the cashier. The cashier hands him his receipt and tells him to have a good day. He turns to stare at the young woman as he walks out of the store.

She was pretty. He was probably one of the several guys who had gazed at her while she shopped. She was likely used to the attention and his attempts to start a conversation were unnoticed. He notes the time he went to the store. It was about 7 p.m. He’ll have to come back next week about the same time. As he sits up in bed, he imagines possible conversations with her if he runs into her again. He’d compliment her and make a joke about something. It was getting late. He turns to the right and rests his head on his pillow, thinking of her as he closes his eyes.

Director: Brett Arndt Year: 2020

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