Video Review: Kylie Minogue “Say Something”

In space, three Kylie Minogues, their bodies in aqua, reach for a golden star. Sparkly magenta light radiates from a  golden unicorn as she rides it. A silver, glittery young man bobs among the rising stars.

Lit in red, several young women perform a routine. Throwing her head as she continues to ride the unicorn, she raises a star over her head. Wearing a multi-colored dress, she rolls over and stretches her arms as the stars scurry in the sky. Standing a flying platform, she shoots a star to the sky with her hand. She fluffs her hair as she wraps her body in silver. Two Minogues create a multi-colored star.

Teal stars illuminate the sky as she continues to ride the unicorn.

Rating: 4/5

Kylie Minogue leaps from cloud to cloud with the golden unicorn. She catches a rising star and aims it towards the United Kingdom. The unicorn pauses on the cloud and drinks from the sparkling lake. She pets him on the head and says it’s time to return home.

Her unicorn guides her to the forest. She listens to wishes people make to each falling star and chooses one. One person wants to the world to be a better place. She leads the unicorn to a gate and opens it. A goddess asks her why she has deigned to visit her. She says she’d like to help someone out with a wish and hands her over a small compact. The goddess listens to it and urges Minogue to move closer. They watch the young woman go through her daily life. The goddess remarks the young woman does try her to best. Minogue says the young woman needs something to help her believe again. The goddess taps the mirror and says it’s done.

Minogue and her unicorn fly home. The unicorn grazes the grass as she steps into her miniature castle. She walks into her foyer and admires the bouquet. It was from the angels, praising her for kindness. She places the vase on her table and calls the birds to her. She feeds them. A cat rubs her ankles and she asks him where he lives. The cat purrs and she looks for her food in her pantry. Animals usually wandered the area, searching for their families.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2020

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