Video Review: LSG “My Body”

Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill and Gerald Levert open the door of a warehouse and walk inside. They appear by themselves against a white background. A group of young women perform a dance routine within the warehouse. It rotates to a group of men. A young woman sits on a chair by herself against a black background.

Sweat, Gill and Levert sing in a room within the warehouse. Sweat stands in the corner of the wall. Levert leans against a red wooden wall. The young woman gets up from her chair and touches her chest. She watches as Gill sings within a forest green square. Sweat and Levert join him. The young woman gazes into a young man’s eyes and touches the back of his neck. The young men and women dance together.

Some sweat drips off of the young woman’s nose and onto the floor. It sets the chair on fire. She places her lips on his chin and tilts it to watch as the water fall on them. Levert, Sweat and Gill walk out of the warehouse.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman blows out the candle in her family room. The young man wasn’t coming over as planned. He hadn’t called. She turns off the light and sits on the couch. He seemed interested in their last conversation. Her phone rings and she picks it up. He apologizes for not calling and asks her if it’s too late. She tells him it’s okay and turns on a lamp.

In the bathroom, she brushes her hair. Her intercom buzzes and he says hello. She straightens her skirt and opens the door. He walks in with some flowers and says he hopes he can make it up to her. She walks up to him and helps him take off his jacket. They gaze into one another’s eye. She puts her hands on his shoulders. He kisses her neck. She says she’s missed him. He squeezes her hips.

She puts a towel around her body as she gets out of the shower. He walks in behind her and kisses her. She touches his bare chest and stares at him. He asks her what she wants for breakfast. She kisses his shoulder and he lifts her to the sink. They kiss again.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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