Video Review: 112 “Peaches & Cream”

Daron, Slim, Q and Mike dance against a royal blue background. Slim feels up a young woman’s thigh as she sits on his lap against a ruby red background. Slices of peaches get tossed into a bowl. The young woman picks a slice, lets the juices fall on her tongue and bites into it.

A second young woman pulls Daron to her as she lies on a hood of a car against a copper background. She sits by the car. They make out on the hood. The young woman dips the peaches into whipped cream. Against a cobalt background, Mike lies on top of a third young woman in bed.  A fourth young woman sits on a bicycle against a candy red background. Q and a fifth young woman make out in the back of a limousine.A young woman bites into a peach.

Rating: 1/5

Slim puts his finger to hips lips as he looks around the stockroom. The young woman whispers that she thinks the people went back inside. Slim continues to kiss her. She smooths out her uniform and says she really has to get back to work. Slim shrugs and says he was nice to see her. The young woman blushes and blows him a kiss.

Daron opens his garage. The second young woman walks on the sidewalk. He runs up to her and introduces herself. She says she knows who he is and tells him her name. He asks her if she wants anything to drink. She brushes a strand of hair from her eye and says water is okay. Daron pops open a bottle of champagne and pours her a glass. She asks him about his car. He says he’s been working on it and says he can show it her. Daron pulls down the garage down as they walk inside. He kisses her. She says she doesn’t have anything. He says it’s not a problem and unbuckles his pants.

Daron rolls over in bed at the hotel and kisses the third young woman next to him. The phone rings and he sighs. She tells him to answer it. Daron says, “hello.” The second young woman introduces herself to him again and says she’s pregnant. Daron asks her how they met. She explains she lives near him. Daron says they’ll figure something out but not to tell anyone. He’ll give her his manager’s number.

Slim walks into the restaurant and asks for the young woman. The owner tells him to leave. He knows he’s slept with several of his servers and none will come back to work anymore. Slim shrugs it off and says it’s just a rumor. The owner says the cooks complained of noises in the stock room. He had found them the last time he was here. Slim shakes his head and says he just lost a customer. One of the servers mutters “good riddance” under her breath.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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