Video Review: Billie Eilish “My Future”

Animated rain falls while Billie Eilish looks at the moon as she sits by a tree. She watches as the the rain forms circles in the lake. A spider crawls on its web. A grumpy frog laps the water as it sits on its  pad. She walks in the forest and lies by the lake. She traces circles in the lake with her finger. Bending down, she plucks a flower and it begins to grow to the sky.

Bright green flowers grow in the lake as she steps in it. She touches a vine and it follows her as she looks at the moon again. It winds around her ankles and hand. In the forest, the mountains become coral as it drizzles. Dandelions spring up in the grass. The vine wraps around her ankle again and lifts her up high as it grows. A pink light streams into the lake.

Rating: 5/5

Billie Eilish kicks a rock as she walks to her car after talking with her high school guidance counselor. Her counselor had told her she had to have realistic goals for herself. Although she said she was creative, it would be best if she utilized her talents towards something like nursing or marketing. She scrapes by in her science classes and doesn’t know how to sell anything. Her hands on the steering wheel, she looks at the houses across the street and then at the parking lot of the school. She puts the key in her engine and takes off. There’s no need to worry about 5th period anymore.

In her bedroom, she sketches a drawing and searches for literary journals. She favorites some of them and takes note of their submission periods. She had a few in her notebook ready to go. After scanning them into the computer, she sends them a few journals. She shuts down her laptop and watches television.

Her mother says she wants to talk to her. She sits down at the table. Her mom says she just got the progress report and said that she’s barely passing. Eilish tells her mom it doesn’t matter. She’s just going to work at some store and not be anything. It’s what her guidance counselor told her. Her mother tells her not to listen to her guidance counselor and that she’s going to call the school.

Eilish checks her Submittable page and sees two pieces had been accepted. She calls her mom and says she’s going to be published. Her mother tells she’s so proud of her and going to have the drawings framed. Eilish says she didn’t think she could do it. Her mother tells her she’ll support her but she still has to do her homework. Eilish sits on her bed and opens her textbook.

Director: Andrew Onorato Year: 2020

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