Video Review: Hole “Violet”

Snow falls against a faded forest landscape on a stage. Courtney swings on a moon. She twirls on stage, wearing a ballet costume. A twentysomething woman sits with her bare back to the audience and turns her head. Several 7-year-old girls smile as they stand on stage.

Two 16-year-old young women perform a ballet routine. The men in the audience sway. One of the 7-year-old girls bounces on the platform as a tiara is placed on her head. Several young women continue to the ballet routine behind Courtney.

Patty, Sean, Courtney and Eric play on stage. They sit on a couch. A wooden ballerina turns in a music box. A young man grabs an egg from a jar. He pushes a rat off the table. Three young women, wearing bras and panties, perform by a pole on stage. Courtney, wearing a corset and ivory jacket, slides on the pole. The men reach for the young women as they stand by the pole. A fiftysomething man feels the leg of one of the women. A sixtysomething man plays piano on stage. Love moshes in the audience. Courtney puts her hand on her face.

Rating: 5/5

The 16-year-old young woman curtsies for the fortysomething man. The fortysomething eyes move from her legs to her head. The 16-year-old young woman says has to talk to her director for a moment. The fortysomething man waves the director over and says he’ll get right over and she won’t have to anywhere. He offers her a drink. She replies, “no, thank you.” The fortysomething man says the young lady has something to tell him as the director stands next to her. The young woman stammers about time for the next rehearsal. The director tells her it’s at 8 a.m.  and she should be aware of it. The young woman apologizes and excuses herself.

The young woman walks into her apartment and sits on the couch. Her sister asks her how the fundraiser went. She says it was full of middle-aged wealthy men ignoring their trophy wives to flirt to ballerinas. Her sister says they are just are fantasies and it was why she quit. She says she sees some of the same men at the strip club. Her sister says a few of them recognized her and asked her if she needed financial help.

Her sister tells her she’s off for her shift. The 16-year-old young woman studies for an exam as she sits on the couch. Her friend calls her and asks her if she wants to go the bar. The 16-year-old young woman closes her textbook and says she’s heading for the subway. On the subway, two twentysomething men compliment on their bodies and ask if they are dancers. They say yes. The two twentysomething men hold up some dollars and ask for a quick performance. They glance at each other and tell them no.

Directors: Mark Seliger & Fred Woodward Year: 1995

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