Video Review: Saint JHN & Future “Roses (Remix)”

Several young women hang up sheets on the clothesline and dance in a suburban neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Saint JHN dances by the clothesline in the backyard. One of the young women walks through a beaded curtain into the kitchen. He dances by the dinner table. A second young woman fans herself as she sits on the porch. He turns right in his Hummer while the women talk.

Future sits on his porch as Saint JHN raps. Saint JHN parks his convertible in a parking lot while a young woman leans against it. Back at home, a fan whirs as a young woman braids his hair. He sits by the car at night in the parking lot. He and Future walk around his house. A third young woman files her nails.  A fourth young woman applies lipstick as she stands by the fence. Saint JHN rides the convertible at night. A message reads on the screen: 129: Breonna Taylor’s murderers have still not been arrested.”

Rating: 5/5

The young woman kisses Saint JHN on the cheek and says she’s going to put the potato salad in the refrigerator. The second young woman grins and gives him a hug. She asks him how he’s doing. Saint JHN says he’s been so busy. It’s the first time he’s a couple days off. He rubs his hands together and says he’s going to check on the spare ribs.

Future talks with the third young woman and says her house is nice. The third young woman tells him she and Saint JHN were looking for a modest place to live. Saint JHN he prefers cars at the moment. He finally can collect them. Future says they have to go over and see his collection. The young woman calls them and says it’s time to eat. Saint JHN says they need some music. One of the young women dances in her seat.

Saint JHN takes the sheet off the clothesline. Future sips his beer and asks if the young woman is available. Saint JHN says she’s single. Future says he’d like to ask her out. Saint JHN says she blushed whenever he talked during dinner. Future says she didn’t seem to be starstruck by him. Saint JHN says that’s the way she is. He knows she listens to his music. Future laughs and says she acted like she didn’t know a word. He takes the basket from Saint JHN and says to wish him luck. Saint JHN tells him to good luck.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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