Video Review: Babyface “And Our Feelings”

Babyface plays the piano against a black background. In silhouette, he kisses a young woman. In a black-and-white photo, they touch their heads with their eyes closed. They both walk on the trail by themselves in different directions. She moves forward while he walks back. They hug in the field.

He stands in the field by himself. Multiple versions of himself walk in the field. She swings on the swing set. They lie in bed together. He sits in the field while she walks past him. She walks away from the field and turns her head. He walks into her like a ghost.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman slides on her pants and puts on her shirt. She says she shouldn’t have come over and that it was a mistake. Babyface sits up on the bed and says she give herself time to think. She says she cares for him. However, she doesn’t feel right being with him knowing she can’t love him. Babyface stares at the floor while she walks out of the door.

Babyface offers the young woman some tea. She scratches her forehead with her thumb and says she can’t stay long. She tells him she’s pregnant. Babyface sits in the chair. She says she understands if he wants a DNA test done or doesn’t want anything to do with her. He says he’ll help her with the baby. She says she’s going for the ultrasound tomorrow. He’s welcome to go with her. Babyface gets a piece of notebook paper and writes down the doctor’s name and address.

Their 5-year-old girl dances in the family room. She puts her arm around him and says she’s such a good kid. Babyface says their little girl is the best thing to come out of their relationship. She shakes her head and says her husband just doesn’t get it. She can’t just cut him out. Babyface kisses her on the cheek and asks if it’s okay if they go to a movie. The young woman says she’ll get their daughter ready. Babyface watches as she tells the daughter about their afternoon. Their daughter smiles at him. Babyface tells her it’s her pick. She says “princess!” The young woman takes her daughter’s hand and says it’ll be the princess movie as Babyface holds the door open for them.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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