Video Review: Tate McRae “You Broke Me First”

Tate McRae walks around downtown Toronto in Canada in the afternoon. Handwritten lyrics appear over her head. A bolt of lightning lines the sky. The streetlights turn on as she continues to walk. She pushes her hair back as she passes the CN Tower.

Rating: 2.5/5

Tate McRae sits on the bench and watches the people leave with their takeout. She holds the concert ticket in her hand for her favorite band. It would be her first time seeing them. They didn’t tour often and it was likely their last show. She hopes they reschedule. Some of her friends got their refunds. However, she was waiting for things to get better.

She wasn’t used to the quiet. It hadn’t occurred to her how much her life was planned. She was usually at school until 5 p.m. with student council meetings, have a quick dinner at home and then return to watch her friends play basketball. Her sort-of boyfriend sends her a text with a sad face. She says she misses history class. He says he wishes they could hang out. She says they can have a Zoom party. He says that’d be fun and he’ll text some of their friends.

She gets up from the bench and walks past her favorite store. It was strange to see it empty during the day. The store was usually crowded. One of her best friends had told her she wasn’t sure if she was going to back to work. It made her nervous. McRae, though, was worried about her car payment and was filling out applications. However, her parents put a stop to it. They told her they’ll cover it for her. As she walks home, she sees the marquee for school, mentioning the school musical.

Director: Tate McRae Year: 2020

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