Video Review: Deee-Lite & Q-Tip “Groove Is In the Heart”

Lady Miss Kier stands against a black background. A note by her coat states that it’s fake fur. She displays her the chunky rings on her fingers.

She stands on a black-and-white lined platform and dances against the creamy orange, swirling background. A group of people dance. Bootsy Collins plays the guitar against a electric blue swirling star background. On a black-and-white lined, Towa Tei scratches the record on the turntable. DJ Dimitry dances against a translucent swirling background.

Q-Tip chimes in as his head sits in the center of an orange circle. Lady Miss Kier bends on the platform while the Towa Tei and DJ Dmitry. wearing googly glasses, flash in and out on the sides. They blink their eyes while their heads bob around the orange creamy orange background. DJ Dmitry dances by the booth while Towa Tei spins the records. Q-Tip’s head appears in each corner as Lady Miss Kier dances against a lime green swirling background.

Lady Miss Kier’s head appears on the booth while Towa Tei continues to spin. Her head also shows up in each corner as two DJ Dmitrys dance. He bends down against the orange swiling background. Collins walks by past him and blows a kazoo.

Rating: 4/5

Lady Miss Kier crosses her legs and drinks from her glass of champagne. A photographer snaps her picture. She bends over and looks right into the camera. The photographer snaps several pictures of her closet. He puts down his camera and says he hasn’t seen the leotard since the 60s. She says she found it at a vintage shop. The photographer says he has everything he needs. She shakes his hand and gives him a flyer to an underground club.

She says hello to her friends at the underground club and introduces herself to a young woman standing in the corner. She waves the photographer over and asks him to take her picture. The photographer says he’s seen her before. Lady Miss Kier remarks that she seems to be uncertain of herself. She says she’s going to find some people to talk to her.

The DJ hugs Lady Miss Kier and she gives him his clothes. The DJ says she should sell them. She says she has two meetings at fashion houses next week. The DJ tells her good luck and that he’ll be happy to help her with her fashion show. She puts her hand on his arm and tells him she’ll let him know if it gets to that point. The DJ says their workers probably already know who she is. Lady Miss Kier poses for a photograph and buys the photographer a drink. She tells him it’s time to put it away and party for the rest of the night. He puts the camera is in duffel bag and she says she’s going to put it somewhere safe. He sips his drink and says he thinks the young woman is an aspiring model. Lady Miss Kier shakes her head and says she has to be a writer or a painter. The photographer says he’ll ask around. She says she wants to know.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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