Video Review: Kane Brown & Nelly “Cool Again”

Kane Brown shields his eyes from the sun as he sits on a raft on the beach. Glancing over his shoulder, he sees a package. He picks it up and walks to the cabin. In the cabin, he sits on the couch. As he dances in his seat, the light changes to an electric ocean blue. He pours a bottle of Smirnoff into a glass.

While sitting on the beach, he sees a starfish and holds in front of his face. Opening the package, he sees a Zenni case and puts on the sunglasses. Through his binoculars, he sees Nelly riding his jet ski to the shore.  Nelly parks his jet ski on the sand and gives Brown a hug. They walk on the sand together and dance by a palm tree.

Rating: 3/5

Kane Brown vacuums the carpet of the cabin. He dusts off the tables and chairs. Opening up the refrigerator, he gets out a couple bottles of liquor. He opens a bottle as he sits on the couch and relaxes. His phone buzzes. Nelly texts he just got on his jet ski and will be over soon.

Brown takes out his binoculars and sits on the sand. An unopened package lies in the sand. He checks for a name or for someone nearby. It was the third mysterious package he received. As far as he knew, the island was secluded. He tries on the sunglasses. At the person had good taste. He wanders around the area and looks for a wallet or a purse. However, the island was clear of any debris.

Nelly greets Brown and says he almost got lost. He had to stop his jet ski and look at his map. Brown asks him if he saw anyone anywhere. Nelly shakes his head and tells him he’s going to get something to drink. Brown exclaims “ow!” and sees another package. Nelly asks who sent it to him. He says he doesn’t know and opens the box. Nelly picks up the compass. Brown searches the bottom of the box and looks it over for an address. A young woman approaches them and they jump. She smiles and says he’s been getting her gifts. Brown says he didn’t know anyone was here. She introduces herself and says she lives on the other side of the island. Brown says he’s so happy someone else is here. Nelly asks her if she wants to hang out with them. She nods and walks in between them on the sand.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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