Video Review: Duran Duran “Hungry Like The Wolf”

A 6-year-old laughs and runs in the city somewhere in  Sri Lanka. Several young men ride bicycles in the street. A fiftysomething homeless woman accepts change from a person as she sits on the sidewalk. Roger and John cross the street. Andy and Nick run to catch up with them.

Simon talks with a child at a restaurant and knocks over the table. He walks past the street vendors at night. Andy holds onto his hat as he drives a Jeep during the day. Roger, John and Nick sit in the back. A young woman turns her head as she stands in the jungle. Roger leans forward on the kayak. Andy and Roger walk up to an 8-year-old boy and show him a picture of the young woman. The young boy shakes his head “no.” Simon walks across a bridge over a river. He slips through and falls into the river. Andy kisses a second young wearing a red dress. A 7-year-old runs to Simon as he lies on the rock and wipes his face with a cloth. He squeezes it and Simon drinks the water.

Simon chases the young woman in the jungle. They spar on the ground. Nick, Andy, Roger and John meet Simon at the restaurant.

Rating: 4/5

Simon dabs at his cuts with a tissue. He informs Roger, Andy, Nick and John he was able to find the woman. However, he was unable to capture her. Andy explains she was hunting them earlier and she kissed him. Simon takes out his notebook and asks him about her mannerisms. He says he doesn’t make much contact and he needs to study her behavior. But there were other men out there and they couldn’t trust them.

Nick hides in a bush and believes he sees two eyes. He sends a message over the walkie-talkie to Simon. Simon advises him to stay down and he’s only a few feet away. Roger prepares with the first aid kit. They could contain the young woman. However, they wanted to be able to treat her if she got hurt. Simon crawls on all fours. The young woman swipes at him. He pins her down. Nick and Roger rush out and help her up. They assure her she’s safe. The young woman says she only wants Simon. Simon cups his chin and kisses her. She sinks into the ground and lets him kiss her neck.

Simon walks hand-in-hand with the young woman and says she’s out of danger. A second group of men had been tracking her. The young woman says she they almost caught her. However, she had been waiting to make contact with them. Simon asks her where she lives. The young woman says she’s quite a distance from home. Nick says he can give her a ride back home. She stumbles as she walks. Simon says they may stop at the hospital first and get her wound checked out. She says she appreciates it and holds onto Simon as she limps.

Director: Russell Mulcahy Year: 1982

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