Video Review: Jorja Smith “By Any Means”

A thirtysomething woman holds her boyfriend’s hand as it rests on her shoulder. Jorja Smith sings against a teal background. A fortysomething woman waits for the bus. A family stands outside Clapham D.I.Y. Centre. A fiftysomething woman stands by a shelf in the bookshop. Three teenagers stand on the porch of their home. A second fortysomething woman tends to her special needs son.

A group of kids ride their bicycles on the street. A twentysomething woman puts her head on her shoulder of her fortysomething mother.A second twentysomething woman looks at the city while she stands on her balcony. A second twentysomething stands behind a wall of photographs. An 18-year-old sits by his window sill and thinks while he looks as the buildings in the city. A 16-year-old young man holds his sword as he stands in a field.

A group of young men ride their motorcycles in the neighborhood. Smith walks around on the street as people holds up lights. She wipes tears from her eyes and smiles as she puts her hand on her chest.

Rating: 5/5

The fortysomething woman puts on her mask as she sits on the bus. She watches as the cars pull into a fast food drive-thru or turn into the neighborhood. A young man nods at her as he gets on the bus. She waves to him. The bus stops across the street from the mall. She gets up from her seat. As she walks into the entrance, she squeezes her arms to her chest and tries to dodge the multiple groups of people. It pained her not see her children. However, after working in a store, she worried about them getting sick. Her daughter wanted her to quit. But she told them she wasn’t in a position to do so. Each day, she hoped the pandemic to be over.

A 16-year-old man trains in the field. His instructor, via the computer, advises him that he’s losing his grip. He tries it again. His instructor asks him if he’s any questions for him. The 16-year-old asks him a few questions about his technique. The instructor ends the session and he turns off his computer. He continues to practice. Perhaps the competition will be rescheduled sometime in the fall. He wanted his chance to compete.

The fortysomething talks to her special needs son as they wheels him around in wheelchair during their walk. She puts on her mask and points out the flowers to him. She checks across street and doesn’t see anyone. There was a group of people at the end. She didn’t want to take any chances. She walks down the end of a driveway and crosses it. Her son was all she had. She couldn’t risk getting sick. Her son smiles as he hears a dog. She explains to him it’s the neighbor’s dog and they’ll be able to see it again once there is a vaccine.

Directors: Otis Dominique & Ellington Hammond Year: 2020

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