Video Review: Dan + Shay “I Should Probably Go To Bed”

A house tilts back and forth. A vine weaves around on the wallpaper. Dan plays the piano in the living room. Shay gets up from his king-size bed and looks into the mirror. He sees a twentysomething young woman and two fortysomething men stare back at him. The rotary phone on the lights up in scarlet red. He turns to look at it.

A third twentysomething man brakes quickly in his car as he passes city hall and he looks up at the sky. A basketball rolls on the court as several children stand in awe. Dan and Shay cross paths in the hallway. The lights turn off as the house floats in the sky. Shay holds onto the wall. Dan watches as the piano picks itself up and hangs in the air. The furniture in other rooms rise to the ceiling. A door opens, with a glaring scarlet red light. Shay screams and falls into an abyss. Dan runs down the hallway and gets suspended in the air as he jumps. Shay returns to the king-size and sits on the edge of it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Each of the people in the mirror needed help to change the future. The twentysomething woman’s great-great-granddaughter was running for Congress and was facing a difficult race. The fortysomething man great-great-grandson was about to get stopped by a police officer. The second fortysomething man’s great-great-grandson was about to load a gun in his arsenal and walk to a public area.

Shay falls into a black hole and lands in the suburban neighborhood. He had to find the people’s relatives. Multiple lives were at stake. A little boy runs up to him and says he’s dressed funny. Shay explains he’s from another time period. The young woman calls her the little boy over and tells him not to talk to strangers. Shay walks up to her and asks for the location of a major tech office. She tells him it’s only a few blocks away.

He jogs over and sees a police car. The twentysomething man stops his car and parks. The police officer gets out of his car. Shay gets out his phone and presses the video button. He tells the police officer he’s filming. According to his files, the police officer had murdered several people but it had been covered up. The police officer threatens the twentysomething man. A crowd gathers and other people begin to film. The police officer relents as he sees the crowd and lets the twentysomething man go. Shay posts the video online.

Shay walks to the mall and sees the second twentysomething carrying an assault gun. He runs over to him and takes it from him. The second twentysomething man snarls that he has still a Plan B. Shay pins him down on the ground and calls 911. The police take him into custody. On his phone, he listens to a twentysomething young woman give a speech. He looks up the office of the opposing party and drives to it. He applies for a volunteer position and begins exploring the office. The opposition party was cheating and he had to stop it. However, it was going to take some time. Dan sends him information on his phone. Shay introduces himself to the candidate. The candidate shakes his hand and tells him it’s good to have him on board. It was a start. However, getting her win was going to take some extra work.

Director: P.Tracy Year: 2020

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