Video Review: Shontelle “T-Shirt”

Shontelle puts on lipstick as she looks into her compact mirror. She sits in a chair, wearing a long, white t-shirt. At the club, her friends wait for her. One of her friends sends her a text that they are there. Wearing a rose pink halter dress and high heels, she walks out of her apartment. She presses the button on the elevator.

The elevator returns to her floor. She walks back into the apartment and looks at her drawing on her desk. She feeds the fish in the aquarium. After sending a text to her friends, she laughs. Her friends exclaim, “oh my god!” She looks a framed of her with her boyfriend and sifts through the mail.

She lies on the bed. Walking into the bedroom, she looks through the closet for one of her boyfriend’s shirts. She takes off her dress and changes into his shirt. As she sits on the chair, she sniffs his shirt. She works on her drawing at the desk. Her boyfriends opens the gate to their apartment and sees her sitting at the desk, smiling at him.

Rating: 3.5/5

Shontelle explains she was feeling inspired. Her boyfriend leans over her shoulder and says it’s really been coming along since he left for his business trip. She places her pencil on the desk and asks him about the conference. He rolls his luggage to the couch and says it was okay. He was able to learn about the new products coming out and talk with the vendors. She puts her arm around him and says she missed him. He tugs at her t-shirt. She kisses him.

She rolls over in bed and checks her phone. Her friends want to know if she wants to meet them for lunch. She says she and her boyfriend made plans. Her friend texts her it’s the third plan she’s cancelled plans with them. Shontelle texts that she can hang out next weekend.

Her boyfriend says he was able to get tickets for a basketball game for Saturday night. She says she can’t wait. Her friends text her that they just saw her on the Kiss-Cam. She texts back that she’s sorry about breaking their plans. Her friend texts her to have fun.

Shontelle checks her phone and there weren’t any messages from her friends. As she checks social media, she sees some of her friends laughing at the club. She texts them and says she’s disappointed they didn’t ask her. Her friend texts her that she doesn’t ever want to go out with them anymore. They figured she didn’t want to go. Shontelle closes her phone and puts her hands on her forehead.

Director: Mike Ruiz Year: 2008


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