Video Review: Beyoncé, Shatta Wale & Major Lazer “Already”

Three blue men cover their eyes as they sits in a tree. A group of green men stand together around a tree. A young blue man walks into the forest. Beyoncé sits in a tree, her body camoflauged in brown and blue stripes.

Wearing a white spotted, brown jumpsuit stands on a wooden platform with several other people in a warehouse. The young blue man performs a dance while they pose on the platform. A second young man rubs his face as he stands by a building in Ghana. A fiftysomething man stands among tires as cows graze within them. Shatta Wale sits in a throne in a cave. She twirls her umbrella. Wale sits on a horse.

Wearing a blue gown and headdress, she stands by a tree growing in a frozen lake. The young blue man and Beyoncé dance the Gbese. In the evening, she and several people sit on motorcycles. Wearing the aqua gown, she stands in the street with the people. Two people lean back as two golden circle cross between them. She swings on a circle. Some people do donuts in a parking lot at night. A group of young men in blue suits jump up as the sun sets. Beyoncé, camouflaged in blue and brown stripes, sits on the limb of a tree.

Rating: 5/5

The young blue man seeks shelter in the cave and cowers. To his surprise, the people bow to him. They ask him for what they should do. They have been living in the cave, lapping up whatever little they can find. The young blue man says they have to keep moving. A second young blue man says the King’s minions will find them. He tells them they have to believe.

The rightful King wasn’t among them. He urges them to follow him and they will look for a food source. At the lake, they feast on berries. He keeps watch for the King’s minions. Beyoncé climbs down the tree and says he has come. she has been waiting for him. The young blue man kneels before her. Beyoncé says there is no need to bow. They are equals. She says she has seen the rightful King. She says the rightful King has given up and doesn’t know his power. The young blue man must teach him.

Beyoncé spreads her arms and says her area is theirs. They are free to gather and live as they please. The King won’t harm them. She tells the young blue man the rightful King wanders but he is close. The young blue man they have actual hope the kingdom can be saved. Beyoncé explains her connection to the kingdom has become tenuous. He has to find him as soon as possible. She prays him as the young blue man walks away.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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